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What is network marketing?

What is network marketing?

Recently, I have seen that others are talking about network marketing, and I want to know what is network marketing

Many netizens are asking some questions about network marketing promotion strategy, network marketing analysis, network marketing consultation, network marketing products, enterprise network marketing strategy, and the difference between network marketing and traditional marketing. In fact, it reflects two "pain points" that we are concerned about and hope to solve.

1. Realize that network marketing promotion is a better marketing way at present

2. Hope to find or someone tell themselves effective ways or methods of network marketing promotion.

In fact, for these problems, the first thing to solve is what is "network marketing promotion"?

The simple meaning of E-marketing promotion is: through the Internet, enterprises and products, people and works, websites and apps, e-commerce and micro commerce and other physical products or virtual products will receive more attention on the Internet, so as to enhance the reputation and sell products.

Secondly, on the Internet, "flow" means everything. With flow, you can get what you want, so the final result of network marketing promotion is a process of "getting flow through the network". According to the statement in the document "declassification: network marketing promotion actual combat and flow realization formula", it is as follows:

What is the fundamental purpose of "network marketing promotion"? In fact, there is no cover up to say is "sell products", sell products to make money! In fact, it is the process of "obtaining traffic through the network, and then realizing the traffic". So we really don't have much energy and time to do something that seems to have an effect on network marketing. In fact, it's really a frustrated attempt of marketing promotion technology.

However, we can't help asking:

1. Is there a way to get more traffic through the Internet without spending too much marketing cost or even zero cost?

2. Is there a way to get rid of the complex network technology and quickly start to realize the traffic?

3. Is there a fixed one key reference formula of "network marketing promotion" similar to Wushu routine?

So, in the final analysis: network marketing promotion is the process of choosing a suitable network marketing promotion method to obtain traffic according to its own product nature.

The current network marketing channel is not limited to the previous search engine SEO optimization, QQ marketing, e-mail marketing, question and answer marketing, competitive advertising and so on, because the development of the Internet today has evolved into more innovative platforms and promotion methods, such as live broadcast With the rise of knowledge payment, we need to find suitable products and marketing channels in a short period of time, so as to obtain traffic

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network marketing

 I don't know if I can help you with the information I found on the Internet

Like many emerging disciplines, "network marketing" also does not have a recognized and perfect definition. In a broad sense, all the marketing activities that take the Internet as the main means to achieve a certain marketing goal can be called network marketing (or online marketing). In other words, network marketing runs through the whole process of enterprise's online operation, including information release, information collection, and e-commerce based on online transactions, Network marketing has always been an important content.

For the understanding of network marketing, some scholars or network marketing practitioners often focus on some different aspects of network marketing research and understanding: some focus on the technical means of network itself; Some pay attention to the promotion skills of the website; Some people equate network marketing with online direct selling; Some also put the online sales mode of emerging e-commerce enterprises into the category of online marketing

On the theory and method of network marketing, some monographs have been published in China, and many articles have been published in professional newspapers. More information appears on Internet related websites. A comprehensive view of the existing views has not formed a complete system. In the face of a lot of information, it gives people the feeling of seeing only trees but not forests.

In order to understand the whole picture of network marketing, it is necessary to give a reasonable definition of network marketing

Network marketing is an integral part of the overall marketing strategy of enterprises. It is a kind of marketing means based on the Internet and with the help of Internet characteristics to achieve certain marketing goals.

According to this definition, we can draw the following conclusions

First, online marketing is not online sales

Online marketing is the result of the development of network marketing to a certain stage. Network marketing is a basic activity to achieve the purpose of online sales, but network marketing itself is not equal to online sales.

This can be explained from two aspects

(1) Because the effect of network marketing may be manifested in many aspects, such as the promotion of enterprise brand value, strengthening the communication with customers, as a tool to release information, network marketing activities may not necessarily achieve the purpose of online direct sales, but it is likely to be conducive to increasing the total sales;

(2) The promotion means of online sales not only rely on online marketing, but also take many traditional ways, such as traditional media advertising, publishing news, printing and distributing brochures and so on.

Second, network marketing is not limited to the Internet

This may be a bit puzzling, not on the Internet how to call network marketing? This is because the Internet itself is still a new thing. In China, the number of people who surf the Internet accounts for a small proportion of the total population. Even for those who have already surfed the Internet, due to various factors, they are interested in looking for relevant information. Through some conventional retrieval methods on the Internet, they may not be able to successfully find the information they need. Moreover, for many primary users, May not know how to query information, therefore, a complete network marketing program, in addition to online promotion, it is necessary to use traditional marketing methods for offline promotion. This can be understood as marketing about network marketing itself, just as advertising about advertising.

Third, network marketing is based on traditional marketing theory

Because network marketing is an integral part of an enterprise's overall marketing strategy, network marketing activities cannot exist independently from the general marketing environment. Network marketing theory is the application and development of traditional marketing theory in the Internet environment. The comparison between the network marketing theory and the traditional marketing theory will be deeply analyzed in the following content

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What is network marketing?

What is network marketing? Recently, I have seen that others are talking about network marketing, and I want to know what is network marketi...