Tuesday, April 20, 2021

After the construction of the website, how to do network marketing well

 After the construction of the website, how to do network marketing well

You should be talking about SEO. If you want to do a new website SEO, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Choose the keywords to be ranked. These keywords must be related to your business and are the search words of your potential users. Try not to select some difficult words at the initial stage, but select some words with moderate optimization difficulty but a certain amount of search.

Go to Baidu to search the keywords you want to optimize, and then check the keyword layout of other websites, including TDK, where the keywords are interspersed in the homepage of the website, and so on.

According to the actual situation of their own website, combined with the keyword layout of other competitive websites, make a reasonable website optimization scheme.

Timely exchange of high-quality links, it is best to exchange links with some websites related to their own website business.

Update the sitemap in time and set it well robots.txt .

The website has a certain update frequency, and the corresponding keyword anchor text can be linked to the home page.

In fact, SEO is a long, systematic process. It is the so-called "industry has specialized", you can also choose a professional do SEO company to tailor SEO optimization scheme for you

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