Saturday, April 24, 2021

Marketing, e-commerce, network marketing, what kind of professional certificate do you need

 Marketing, e-commerce, network marketing, what kind of professional certificate do you need

I am a technical school graduate, now have network education undergraduate (Marketing Major) excuse me, the above professional need to test?

At present, such as marketing, network marketing professional, you can consider taking the network marketing engineer, it is divided into junior, intermediate, senior; This certificate can also be regarded as an affirmation and recognition of network marketing skills;

For e-commerce majors, they mainly focus on social practice and work experience. Some of the "e-commerce certificates" on the market are not high in gold and can not reflect a person's ability; A real e-commerce company doesn't pay much attention to the so-called certification, mainly practical experience, so e-commerce enterprises generally pay more attention to practical talents; In addition, the e-commerce certificate recognized by the state comes from two organizations, one is certified by the Ministry of human resources and social security, and the other is certified by China E-Commerce Association.

Considering the professional needs, it is generally recommended to get an e-commerce engineer or assistant e-commerce engineer.

The development of e-commerce is very fast. We may be out tomorrow when we study in school today, so we should keep up with our major. It is suggested that we should practice more. We can consider opening online stores to learn experience, and not consider making money first; In addition, it is suggested to learn more relevant knowledge in Taobao University, and the combination of theory and practice is the most perfect.

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