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Monday, April 19, 2021

Steps for Internet Marketing

 Steps for Internet Marketing

The first step is to move your business to the Internet quickly and comprehensively. When establishing its own network marketing plan, the enterprise should consider that its website belongs to the marketing type website.

The second step is to promote and maintain their own enterprise website through a variety of network marketing tools and methods. Any publicity and promotion activities we do on the Internet must be centered on the website of the enterprise.

The third step is the website traffic monitoring and management. Usually we use flow monitoring and analysis system and online customer service system to achieve. Marketing websites need a set of online customer service system with integrated functions to help us to actively negotiate and timely convert effective traffic (potential customers or intended customers) to online sales. 1. Strategic planning of network marketing: overall goal and strategic plan;

2. Network marketing plan:

① . network marketing objectives;

② . the content and mode of the enterprise to implement network marketing;

③ . the framework of web design of enterprises;

④ . implementation plan of network marketing;

⑤ . problems to be noticed in online marketing: login on yellow page: add your company information to the company information base of thousands of business websites in a short time, so that your potential customers can find relevant information of your company through the network more easily.

2. Product promotion: member users can quickly publish all kinds of enterprise products, including product sample pictures, to thousands of B2B platform product libraries, to realize image product promotion.

3. Business situation release: quickly publish business information of each different company to thousands of B2B platforms and industry websites of corresponding industry categories to assist member users to realize the overwhelming business opportunities publicity. There are several ways to promote new network marketing and promotion strategies:

1. Online discount promotion

Discount, also known as discount and discount, is the most commonly used online promotion method. Because the online sales of goods can not give people a comprehensive, intuitive impression, also can not be tried, touch and other reasons, coupled with the complexity of distribution costs and payment methods, resulting in the decline of online shopping and ordering enthusiasm. At present, most online sales of goods have different degrees of price discounts.

2. Online gift promotion

Gift promotion is not used on the Internet at present. Generally, it can achieve better promotion effect under the circumstances of new products launch trial, product update, competition brand and new market. We should enhance the brand and website popularity; encourage people to visit the website frequently to get more preferential information; summarize and analyze the marketing effect and product response according to the enthusiasm of consumers to ask for added products.

3. Online lottery promotion

Lottery promotion is a promotion that most websites are willing to adopt. Lottery promotion is a promotion of goods or services by means of one or more people getting prizes beyond the cost of participating in the event. Online lottery activities are mainly attached to investigation, product sales, celebration, promotion of an activity, etc. Consumers or visitors are given the chance to draw prizes by filling in questionnaires, registering, purchasing products or participating in online activities.

4. Point promotion

The application of integral promotion in the network is simpler and easier to operate than the traditional marketing method. The integration activity on the Internet is easy to realize by programming and database, and the result is reliable and easy to operate. The point promotion can increase the number of Internet users visiting the website and participating in an activity; it can increase the loyalty of the Internet users to the website; and improve the popularity of the activities.

5. Search engine marketing: according to CNNIC's 2007 China search engine market survey report, 44.71% of Internet users often use (use them more than once a day) search engines, and 17.2% of users who use search engines once a day, that is, 69.4% of users use search engines every day, which means that more than half of the Internet users have begun to rely on the use of search engines. For different products and markets, before the online marketing behavior, it is necessary to have a prediction of the product launch and the effect in advance. The emergence of market investigation and various publicity behaviors under the network cooperation constitute the whole marketing link. The following are the two most important points for enterprises to do network marketing: once they have carried out network marketing, but at the same time, the rapid development and update frequency of the network, the existing network marketing mechanism has been unable to meet the public taste, and many aspects have been affected. Liu Yuhan, who promoted the product by Zhongqi, said that the negative news of the product directly affected the popularity of the products in the market, and that the crowded promotion links in the network marketing led to the product not being trusted by consumers. However, this kind of network marketing behavior that has been implemented will be eliminated, and new schemes are needed to improve the existing ones. This is what we call the premise of the network marketing improvement planning.

For the improved network marketing planning, the original factors which are restricted on the basis of the original should be considered. It is not only necessary to keep up with the pace of the network market, but also to understand the various methods adopted by the peers in the network marketing. For the problems encountered by an enterprise in the process of development, it must be combined with the network market, and the network and the market can occupy a place in the network market.

Enterprise network marketing plan: 5w2h Law: five w means: what solution to solve the problem? What kind of goals should be achieved after the implementation of the scheme? What value can be created for the enterprise. Who is responsible for creativity and development? Who is the chief executive? Who is responsible for each implementation? Where: what are the problems with product promotion? Where should I deal with when implementing marketing plans? Company? Why: why should such a plan be proposed? Why do you want to do this, wait? When: How did the time go? How long does the marketing plan execution take? 2 h is: how to operate each series of activities? How to solve the new problems in the operation process in time? Howmuch: how much money is needed in the program? How many people? It's like fighting, and we should do a good job. Know yourself and know the other, and you can fight for all! If you can read what you said above, you can write a marketing plan with a primary level in any case. There are four misunderstandings in the network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises. With the network penetrating into the enterprise operation and personal life, network marketing is gradually recognized and adopted by more and more enterprises. However, because network marketing is a new marketing means, in the process of implementation, enterprises inevitably appear many misunderstandings, resulting in the effect of input and output is always not as desired, so that enterprises with confidence hope are hit, and more or less affect the development of network marketing, the most promising marketing means in the 21st century.

The first mistake is "building a website to help enterprises make money". This sentence itself is OK, the wrong is that most people understand this sentence as "with the website will make money.". In fact, the construction of the website only represents the first step of the network marketing. With the website, there are windows for displaying products and services through Internet.

The second mistake is "online advertising is network marketing". The advertisement of website is only a way of network promotion in the network marketing system, and it is only the tip of the iceberg of the network marketing system. Successful network marketing is not only a network promotion or two times, but a new sales system which integrates brand planning, advertising design, network technology, sales management and marketing. We should have a complete and detailed plan, and the accurate and effective implementation, in order to get the expected effect.

The third mistake is that "small and medium-sized enterprises have no power to do network marketing". On the contrary, small and medium-sized enterprises have the full power to do network marketing, and what is lacking is consciousness. Compared with the traditional way of publicity, Internet marketing is the cheapest, which is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Liu Yuhan: in the vast network, how to build your brand and let more people understand your products and services is the core problem to be solved in the network marketing.

The fourth mistake - "network marketing is online sales". Online marketing is the result of the development of network marketing to a certain stage. Network marketing is a basic activity to achieve the purpose of online sales, but the network marketing itself is not equal to online sales. For the difference between the two, we can refer to the difference between the network marketing and e-commerce.

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