Friday, April 23, 2021

What does network marketing mean?

 What does network marketing mean?

1、 Definition of network marketing:

Network marketing refers to a series of business activities based on the development of convenient Internet by organizations or individuals to meet the needs of organizations or individuals.

2、 Purpose of network marketing:

1. Attract new customers; 2. Increase customer stickiness; 3. Improve the conversion rate.

3、 The marketing methods of network marketing are as follows

Search engine marketing; Search engine optimization; E-mail marketing; Instant messaging marketing; Viral marketing; BBS marketing; Blog marketing; Micro blog marketing; Wechat marketing; Video marketing; Soft text marketing; Experiential marketing; O2o three dimensional marketing.

Network marketing is an integral part of the enterprise's overall marketing strategy. It is a marketing method based on the Internet to achieve certain marketing objectives with the help of the characteristics of the Internet. Any network marketing separated from the enterprise's overall marketing is pseudo marketing.

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