Friday, April 30, 2021

What's the difference between online marketing and online editing?

What's the difference between online marketing and online editing?

What are the similarities and differences between these two positions?

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Network marketing is a marketing strategy, and network editing is a profession.

The characteristics of network marketing have two aspects: one is based on the Internet, with the Internet as the marketing medium; On the other hand, it belongs to the category of marketing, is a form of marketing. Enterprise network marketing includes two elements of enterprise network promotion and e-commerce. Network promotion is to use the Internet to carry out publicity and promotion activities. E-commerce refers to the use of simple, fast and low-cost means of electronic communication, so that buyers and sellers do not need to meet each other to carry out various business activities. Network marketing is the same as traditional marketing in order to achieve the purpose of enterprise marketing, but there is still a big difference in the actual operation and implementation process.

Network editor is a special profession and a special group. According to relevant estimates, up to now, there are nearly 6 million network editors in China, while there are only 750000 traditional media editors and reporters. When network editors were first included in the national professional ceremony in 2006, there were only about 3 million network editors. As a new profession in the Internet era, network editors hide behind the scenes to contribute to the rapid development of the Internet and the rapid growth of network media. It is of great practical significance to find out the situation of network editors and the quality of employees

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