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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Can network marketing be called an industry??

Can network marketing be called an industry??

What is the current definition of network marketing?? Professional, can be called industry??

Network marketing (on-line marketing or cybermarketing) is a form of direct marketing. It is the product of the combination of enterprise marketing practice, modern information communication technology and computer network technology. It refers to all kinds of marketing activities (including network research, Internet marketing and Internet Marketing) based on electronic information technology and computer network Network new product development, network promotion, network distribution, network service, etc.

Network marketing in a broad sense

Synonyms of network marketing include: online marketing, Internet marketing, online marketing, online marketing, etc. These words all have the same meaning. Generally speaking, network marketing is a marketing activity with Internet as the main means.

Network marketing has strong practical characteristics. It is more practical to find the general methods and rules of network marketing than empty theoretical discussion“ Tinlu, China's e-marketing network, collects the latest, complete and perfect e-marketing information. Therefore, how to define e-marketing is not the most important. The key is to understand the real meaning and purpose of E-marketing, that is, to fully understand the new marketing environment of Internet, and to use various Internet tools to provide effective support for enterprise marketing activities. This is also the reason why we must pay attention to the practical methods of network marketing in the research of network marketing.

Narrow sense of network marketing

In short, network marketing is to use the Internet as a means to carry out marketing activities. At present, there is no unified definition of network marketing. Like many new disciplines, researchers have different understanding and understanding of network marketing due to their different research perspectives. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that different books have different descriptions of the concept of network marketing. According to the author's personal understanding, all marketing activities carried out by means of the Internet can be called network marketing (sometimes also known as online marketing, Internet marketing, etc., while Hong Kong and Taiwan are mostly called network marketing). In an article published in 2000, the author defined network marketing as:

"Network marketing is an integral part of an enterprise's overall marketing strategy. It is a variety of activities to achieve the enterprise's overall business objectives and create an online business environment with the Internet as the basic means."

This definition has been used in the first edition of "Fundamentals and practice of E-marketing" published in January 2002 and the second edition of "Fundamentals and practice of E-marketing" published in October 2004. At the same time, it is also found that some other books and research articles related to e-marketing often cite this definition, which shows that this definition of E-marketing has a certain representativeness, Especially in the environment of emphasizing the practicality of network marketing, this definition is more convincing.

Network marketing also has a variety of similar names, such as: online marketing, online marketing, Internet marketing and so on, which basically means the same thing.

Of course, it belongs to the network industry.

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