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Friday, May 14, 2021

How to understand the practical significance of network marketing

 How to understand the practical significance of network marketing

Why do you want to do network marketing? How much help does network marketing have for enterprises and how much value can it create for enterprises?

A friend told me that after more than a year of online marketing, I always feel that online marketing is to send posts and external links. I know how to answer questions in Baidu, and I don't pay attention to you when I do Weibo. The company is not a big brand, and I won't spend money on any activities for you. Promotion is basically free. I feel that online marketing can be done by anyone without any technical content, Where is the prospect of network marketing?

I said that if you just regard network marketing as the flow of sending external chain, sending posts and Baidu answering, if you don't plan to further consider, then your question really has no problem.

Why do I say advertising?

From a macro point of view, it's advertising. However, from the past square big screen, TV brain platinum and street leaflets, a new idea has been changed. Its purpose is to let everyone see your advertiser's products.

What you're doing now is sending out the chain, doing know answer, microblog forwarding and adding powder. In fact, it's just like the small leaflets on the street, pulling one by one, and you'll make money if someone looks and goes. As for the websites I mentioned, they are more like TV ads and square screens. Although you don't have access to it at present, if you have done traditional advertising or media, you will find that the process is the same. After a simple review, you can basically send the schedule.

As for things other than advertisements on websites, you can understand them as something similar to social news and public service advertisements on traditional media. Social news is for the common people, public service ads are for the relevant departments, and things that the common people don't see can't be sold. For example, the morning post, the evening post, and the recent hot Wang Baoqiang incident, all websites have more or less related reports; And the relevant departments can not see anything with positive energy of communication, which is the same meaning as that there are always public service ads in prime time before and after news broadcast.

You must think that it's too superficial for me to say so. You must think that besides advertising, the Internet can have more directions, such as e-commerce, big data research and so on. Anyway, they are all very powerful things. I don't object to this, but from the perspective of a good manager or business owner, the Internet may be a pure channel of communication for them so far, and it has become a medium.

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