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Friday, May 28, 2021

On line marketing (or cybermarketing)

On line marketing (or cybermarketing) is the product of the combination of enterprise marketing practice with modern information communication technology and computer network technology. It refers to all kinds of marketing activities (including network research, network new product development, network promotion, network distribution, etc.) based on electronic information technology and computer network Network services, etc.

The core idea of network marketing: the understanding of network marketing, everyone may have a different understanding. In the different stages of Internet development, the content and means of network marketing are also different. The era of mainly relying on search engines for website promotion can be called the traditional network marketing stage.

Network marketing can be divided into broad sense and narrow sense according to its realization mode. Broad sense network marketing refers to the marketing activities carried out by enterprises using all computer networks, while narrow sense network marketing refers to the marketing activities carried out in order to achieve certain marketing objectives with the Internet as the main marketing means.

The characteristics of information transmission in network marketing are: (1) higher efficiency of information transmission( 2) The ways of information transmission are diversified( 3) There are many channels for information transmission( 4) The direction of information transmission is bidirectional interaction( 5) Information transmission noise transmission barrier

[classification of network marketing]

1. Classification by service object

A. Personal network marketing

Individuals can carry out marketing through the network. At present, this way has been widely used by the majority of Internet users, such as the majority of "Taobao sellers", "sister Furong", "Sister Feng" and other works of Internet speculators who are famous through the network.

B. Enterprise network marketing

The commercial value of network should become the mainstream of Internet marketing. At present, a large number of enterprises expand their business through network marketing.

2. According to the specific promotion methods

Word of mouth marketing, online advertising, media marketing, event marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, database marketing, SMS marketing, e-magazine marketing, viral marketing, question and answer marketing, product information release for B2B business website and platform marketing, etc.

3. Classified by interaction with customers

Online consultation - instant messaging represented by message book, online consultation form, QQ, MSN, etc; Online customer service represented by Baidu Shangqiao and 53KF.

Email and mailing list

Help or FAQs (frequently asked questions)

BBS or customer exchange

As a new marketing method, network marketing has obvious advantages compared with traditional marketing methods.

First of all, network media has the characteristics of wide range, fast speed, no time and geographical restrictions, no time and layout constraints, detailed content, multimedia transmission, vivid image, two-way communication, rapid feedback and so on.

Secondly, network marketing has no store rent cost. And the realization of product direct sales can help enterprises reduce inventory pressure and operating costs.

Third, the Internet covers the global market, through which enterprises can easily and quickly enter any country's market. In particular, the second WTO Ministerial Conference decided not to levy tariffs on Internet trade before the next ministerial conference. Internet marketing has set up a green channel for enterprises to access the international market.

Fourth, on the Internet, no enterprise is absolutely limited by its own scale, and can equally obtain information from all over the world and display itself equally, which creates an excellent space for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Fifth, network marketing can make consumers have more freedom of choice than traditional marketing. According to their own characteristics and needs, consumers can quickly find satisfying products and make full comparison, which is not limited by region and time in the world, which is conducive to saving consumers' transaction time and transaction cost.

Of course, all things have their own advantages and disadvantages. As a new marketing method, network marketing has strong vitality, but there are also some shortcomings. For example, online marketing, especially online distribution, can not meet the psychological needs of consumers' personal social communication. Nevertheless, network marketing, as a new marketing method in the 21st century, is irresistible and will become a sharp weapon for global enterprises to compete.

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