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Sunday, May 30, 2021

What is brand marketing?

What is brand marketing?

Brand marketing is a cognitive process that enables customers to form their own brand and products through marketing. If enterprises want to continuously obtain and maintain competitive advantages, they must build high-grade marketing concepts. The most advanced marketing is not to build a huge marketing network, but to use brand symbols to spread the invisible marketing network to the hearts of the public and deliver products to the hearts of consumers. To make consumers recognize the product when they consume and investors recognize the enterprise when they cooperate is brand marketing.

Brand marketing is simply a process in which enterprises create a brand value recognition in the hearts of users and service cognition cognition recognition recognition through the use of consumer demand for products, product quality culture and unique publicity. Finally form the marketing strategy process of brand benefit.

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1. Traditional marketing of brand

In marketing, the framework of marketing mix has developed from 4P, 4C to 4R, which reflects the changing trend of marketing theory in the new conditions. 4P is the most critical combination factor in marketing, which requires enterprises how to meet the needs of customers; 4C makes enterprises forget products and study customers' needs and desires; 4R enables enterprises to establish close contact with customers and improve customer loyalty. In the era of brand marketing, consumers' satisfaction with the brand is an important part of enterprise development. When consumers are satisfied, they will maintain a long-term loyalty to the brand. Once this loyalty is formed, it is difficult to accept the products of other brands.

In order to obtain and maintain competitive advantage, brand enterprises must build high-grade marketing concept. For example, the integration of marketing communication tools (advertising, public relations, promotion) can enhance brand value; Through market segmentation, we can improve the level of brand marketing. The formation of a brand is not completed overnight. Only by accumulating over time can the brand be successful.

2. Brand network marketing

Network marketing refers to the general term of various marketing activities based on electronic technology and computer network. The functions of network marketing include: website promotion, network brand, information release, online research, customer relationship, customer service, sales channel, sales promotion, etc.

For traditional enterprises, network marketing generally starts from the establishment of the website, and the brand image of the enterprise has been established before the establishment of the website. Intel president grove once said: "there will be no more Internet companies in five years, because all companies will be Internet companies.". The Internet will change the business mode of enterprises. Nowadays, the global top 500 enterprises have established their own website home pages, and nearly 90% of them adopt online recruitment and other methods. This shows that the Internet has not only been used to introduce the company's profile and send and receive e-mails, but also entered the deep application. Brand marketing is a major change in the business mode of enterprises by the Internet. For example, in the online store, it can not only provide convenient conditions for enterprises to expand sales channels, but also increase the trust of customers on the e-commerce platform, and combine the enterprise website with the online store to shape the brand.

For network enterprises, the brand image of the enterprise starts from the website, which represents the brand of the enterprise to a certain extent.

It should be pointed out that before e-commerce and e-marketing have been fully developed in the world, Internet, as an emerging virtual market, only covers a part of the world market, and many consumers can not accept or use network communication; Many developing countries, especially the least developed countries, still use traditional marketing channels. Therefore, brand cultivation and brand marketing should seek development on the basis of tradition and network, and traditional marketing and network marketing should be gradually integrated in practice.

3. Brand network marketing service

The "event marketing" and "public relations marketing" in the brand network marketing service are just like two sharp blades, each of which is enough to help the brand to show its place in the vast Internet. However, the integrated network marketing with the organic combination of the two can play the role of "double Swords".

If it is said that event marketing leads to an explosive cognition of the brand and only lets netizens see one or two shining points of the brand, then EPR is to conduct in-depth exploration and communication from all aspects of the brand, so as to enhance the popularity of event marketing, expand the depth of brand influence and increase the reputation of the brand. EPR is actually the production of network voice, communication and supervision.

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