Thursday, May 6, 2021

What is network direct marketing?

 What is network direct marketing?

Network direct marketing refers to the way that manufacturers directly develop distribution channels or sell products to end consumers through the network.

Network direct marketing is a new and subversive marketing mode by combining the traditional direct selling behavior with the network. Many small and medium-sized enterprises adopt network direct marketing because of the large distribution cost and small strength. They want to make use of the characteristics of small cost and large income. To achieve the purpose of small and broad.

The convenience and quickness of the Internet makes it convenient for customers to put forward suggestions and purchase demands to enterprises directly through the Internet, and also to obtain after-sales service directly through the Internet. Enterprises can find out their shortcomings from customers' suggestions, needs and required services, and carry out operation and management according to customers' needs to reduce marketing costs.

One of the most important characteristics of direct marketing is that the effect of marketing activities is measurable. Network marketing is testable, measurable and evaluable. With timely marketing effect evaluation, we can improve the previous marketing efforts in time, so as to obtain more satisfactory results

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