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Sunday, May 2, 2021

What is network marketing?

What is network marketing?

Network marketing refers to all kinds of marketing activities (including network research, network new product development, network promotion, network distribution, network service, etc.) based on electronic information technology and computer network.

As a new marketing method, network marketing has obvious advantages compared with traditional marketing methods. First of all, network media has the characteristics of wide communication range, fast speed, no time and geographical restrictions, no time and layout constraints, detailed content, multimedia transmission, vivid image, two-way communication and rapid feedback, which is conducive to improving the efficiency of marketing information communication, enhancing the effect of marketing information communication and reducing the cost of marketing information communication.

Secondly, network marketing has no store rental cost, and can help operators reduce inventory pressure and operating costs. On the Internet, no unit or individual is absolutely limited by their own scale, and they can equally obtain information from all over the world and show themselves equally, which creates an excellent development space for small and medium-sized investors.


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March 31, 2018


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You can see the Internet as a technical means, using new channels on the network and data feedback to improve the product conversion rate. Remember, whether it's network marketing or not, it's ultimately to improve the conversion rate!

You first understand that marketing is a closed-loop, from user survey - content production - channel delivery - data feedback - optimizing content, is a repeated process, this is the correct marketing thinking.

Now we are going to the specific operation part. From marketing to results, it is like a funnel. If the shape of a certain part of the funnel suddenly narrows, it is likely that there is a problem in a certain link. We need to find and solve the problem through the funnel of data production.

1. Set goals

All marketing work should be carried out around one goal. Never say our goal is to "let more people know about us."“ If you need to obtain seed users in the product stage, you should aim at how many seed users meet your requirements. So I spend money to do promotion, is to quickly get these users. All my work is based on this.

2. Set multiple transformation paths

There are three steps for users from contacting your products to purchasing your products. Contact build trust buy. We set up multiple transformation paths to see which path users can go through to build trust in your products better and faster.

3. Input a small amount of resources to recover the effect data of each channel

In order to speed up the test, we should pay a small amount of cost first. In a very short time, you can get different data of several transformation paths. For example, the exposure rate of microblog is not high, but the conversion rate is high; Wechat has a high exposure rate, but the conversion rate is not high. wait. You can list these representative data one by one. It's the next step, optimization.

4. Adjust the content and transformation path

The conversion rate of microblog is very high. If the exposure rate increases, can more conversion be made? It is found that the low exposure rate of microblog is due to the fact that the content put on the market is not of interest to users, and the content needs to be adjusted. The conversion rate of wechat is not high. Analysis shows that the reason is that the audition entrance is not obvious enough, and it is difficult for users to reach the next conversion link. You need to adjust the product. Of course, not only through data, but also through constant communication with users to get feedback. Most of the time, users tell us why they don't click that button and why they don't like this content. Feedback and adjustment run through the whole process of marketing.

5. Re release the advertisement to test the effect and determine the ly (pay return ratio)

Put the revised plan on the market again, and still take out a small part of the market budget for testing. I found that the exposure rate of microblog has gone up, but the conversion rate has not changed. It's a great thing. By adjusting products, wechat makes it easier for users to access more product information, and the conversion rate becomes higher. We may as well invest 1000 yuan on Weibo and wechat respectively, and find that we can earn 2000 yuan through Weibo propaganda and 3000 yuan through wechat. Now we are sure that our content is what users like. Now we need to expand the scale of publicity. We can add more transformation channels and repeat the testing process.

6. Invest resources to find the point where the marginal cost curve decreases

Because in any specific method and channel, the total traffic you can get is limited. So you also need to increase the market investment of a certain channel step by step. When we find that the investment can not get equal returns, it means that we need to spend more and more money to get an effective transformation from this channel. At this time, we spend our energy and money on exploring other channels and ways. And keep this work dynamic.

7. Discovery of new channels and laying of long tail channels for harvesting

Maybe every day there are new media that are suitable for your products. Marketers should be sensitive to find these channels to get these "cheap" traffic. In addition, for the search keywords of products, we can also do some search engine optimization work. When users search for some long tail words, they can easily find you. What you have to do is to wait for the long tail channel to bring you users

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