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Monday, May 10, 2021

What is network marketing?

What is network marketing?

Recently, I have seen that others are talking about network marketing, and I want to know what is network marketing

Many netizens are asking some questions about network marketing promotion strategy, network marketing analysis, network marketing consultation, network marketing products, enterprise network marketing strategy, and the difference between network marketing and traditional marketing. In fact, it reflects two "pain points" that we are concerned about and hope to solve.

1. Realize that network marketing promotion is a better marketing way at present

2. Hope to find or someone tell themselves effective ways or methods of network marketing promotion.

In fact, for these problems, the first thing to solve is what is "network marketing promotion"?

The simple meaning of E-marketing promotion is: through the Internet, enterprises and products, people and works, websites and apps, e-commerce and micro commerce and other physical products or virtual products will receive more attention on the Internet, so as to enhance the reputation and sell products.

Secondly, on the Internet, "flow" means everything. With flow, you can get what you want, so the final result of network marketing promotion is a process of "getting flow through the network". According to the statement in the document "declassification: network marketing promotion actual combat and flow realization formula", it is as follows:

What is the fundamental purpose of "network marketing promotion"? In fact, there is no cover up to say is "sell products", sell products to make money! In fact, it is the process of "obtaining traffic through the network, and then realizing the traffic". So we really don't have much energy and time to do something that seems to have an effect on network marketing. In fact, it's really a frustrated attempt of marketing promotion technology.

However, we can't help asking:

1. Is there a way to get more traffic through the Internet without spending too much marketing cost or even zero cost?

2. Is there a way to get rid of the complex network technology and quickly start to realize the traffic?

3. Is there a fixed one key reference formula of "network marketing promotion" similar to Wushu routine?

So, in the final analysis: network marketing promotion is the process of choosing a suitable network marketing promotion method to obtain traffic according to its own product nature.

The current network marketing channel is not limited to the previous search engine SEO optimization, QQ marketing, e-mail marketing, question and answer marketing, competitive advertising and so on, because the development of the Internet today has evolved into more innovative platforms and promotion methods, such as live broadcast With the rise of knowledge payment, we need to find suitable products and marketing channels in a short period of time, so as to obtain traffic

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