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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

What is the real meaning of network marketing?

What is the real meaning of network marketing?

Network is an integral part of an enterprise's overall strategy. Network is a variety of activities carried out to achieve the overall business objectives of an enterprise and create an online business environment with the Internet as the basic means. It is an integral part of an enterprise's overall strategy, is carried out to achieve the overall business objectives of the enterprise, and various activities that use the Internet as the basic means to create an online business environment. It is a broad term. From the current commercial point of view, the network covers a wider range of network products and Internet investment concepts.

Network (on-line marketing or e-marketing) comes into being with the Internet entering into commercial applications, especially after the wide application of the world wide web (WWW), e-mail, search engine, social software, etc., the value of network becomes more and more obvious. It can use a variety of means, such as e-mail, blog and microblog, online advertising, video, media, bidding promotion, SEO optimization ranking and so on. Generally speaking, all kinds of activities carried out on the Internet or mobile Internet as the main platform can be called integrated network. In short, the network is the Internet as the main platform, in order to achieve a certain purpose of comprehensive activities.

The characteristics of network are: 1; 2. The globalization of the market; 3. The integration of resources; 4. Obvious economy; 5. The impact of the market.

Network, also known as the Internet or electronic, refers to a form of using the Internet. The Internet has brought many unique convenience, such as low-cost dissemination of information and media to the audience. The interactive nature of Internet media in terms of immediate response and response is unique to the Internet.

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