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Monday, May 24, 2021

What is the use of network marketing knowledge

What is the use of network marketing knowledge

At present, the domestic e-commerce blowout period, the network marketing color flag is also more and more, each occupies the mountain as the king, do not give in to each other, the industry association, the government related guidance unit is not willing to leave the arrogant identity to implement to the actual service for the industry, leading to the situation will continue to deteriorate. What is gratifying is that last Monday, the Internet company found me and asked me to do website diagnostic analysis and network marketing specific implementation plan planning for their company. Looking at her chat with me and the tone of the phone call, it was estimated that she should be a college student shortly after graduation, and asked me a question, "excuse me, I want to know if your so-called network marketing is to Submit search engine What about mass mailing? " At that time, I didn't immediately refute her, but felt gratified, because last year in Shandong, when the online director of a powerful network enterprise came to talk to me about the strategy of continuous operation and promotion of this online business, he directly said: is the network marketing that your brother talked about all day long just doing websites and buying domain names? It can be seen that with the deepening of network popularization and e-commerce, people's basic network skills have been improved!

Since the rise of the global Internet, it has gradually had a significant impact on human life and economic behavior. More and more Chinese enterprises and individuals began to use the Internet to collect and disseminate information, obtain trade opportunities, and gradually carry out a variety of online business transactions. As a systematic and effective means for enterprises and businessmen to carry out online business activities, network marketing has been recognized and accepted by most enterprises. The economic value of network marketing has been widely recognized by the society and generated great market demand. Of course, e-marketing has already formed many perfect marketing modes in foreign countries. Although there are many ways of network promotion in China, it is only rising in recent years in terms of network marketing planning. Therefore, it is more necessary and worth us to improve, develop and even apply it to enterprise website promotion, so as to create more interests and greater profit space.

What is the current level of domestic network marketing? How to do a good job of enterprise network marketing planning? Is the enterprise construction website, do a good job in network marketing? Have you done a good job of user-friendly browsing and website optimization of the enterprise website? Is it in Alibaba and other B2B e-commerce platform, do a few sites to promote membership is network marketing? Have you released your information to more valuable business platforms through network promotion tools such as scholar business software? Or in Baidu bidding ranking, Yahoo bidding promotion, Youdao, Google website optimization ranking, you can do a good job of network marketing - there are Sina bidding ranking, Sohu bidding ranking, Tom bidding ranking, so many bidding rankings, how do you guarantee the marketing effect, to bear such high, more and more huge network advertising costs? If you think it's just like that, I'll tell you that it's very single and one-sided. I don't understand the essence of network marketing: through various network promotion methods, let your target customers better find your product supply and demand information on the Internet. Here I would like to quote Dr. Feng Yingjian to summarize that "network marketing is an integral part of an enterprise's overall marketing strategy. It is a variety of activities to achieve the enterprise's overall business objectives and create an online business environment with the Internet as the basic means." Of course, network marketing has strong practical characteristics. It needs long-term and continuous maintenance; Generally speaking, network marketing is actually a new way of marketing, which realizes remote interactive marketing with the help of new communication technology. That is to say, the Internet is the main means of marketing activities. Online marketing, Internet marketing, online marketing and Internet marketing can be called synonyms. What are SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), website optimization, email licensing marketing, network research and promotion, blog marketing, forum marketing, soft text marketing, SMS marketing, virus (word of mouth) marketing, network advertising, network video marketing, network picture marketing, website member marketing Database marketing and so on, the so-called these are actually only one of the specific forms of network marketing.

Maybe you will taste some advantages, but other competitors who master comprehensive network marketing methods have been expanding due to creating high profits, which will be the sorrow of some enterprises. Of course, there is nothing wrong with it. The reason why we put forward problems is to solve them better. However, more and more network promotion means that the enterprise website marketing promotion is more and more confused, suddenly feel unable to start; So how to do it? The answer is that I can provide you with a comprehensive network marketing promotion planning services! Only by optimizing the enterprise website and promoting the website, can the value of marketing promotion of the website be reflected, can the unlimited benefits brought by network marketing be obtained.

So for those beginners or those who have no way to continue in-depth research, what knowledge does network marketing need to learn, deepen and practice? This problem also needs to start from the basic theory of network marketing, and the following knowledge tools need to be mastered and applied to the network marketing practice: network marketing foundation, marketing website, sociality of marketing website, marketing website strategy, marketing website strategy, marketing website technology and function, marketing website management, search engine marketing, marketing strategy and so on Search engine marketing overview, search engine advertising, search engine optimization, search engine marketing effect evaluation and management, network trade, network trade platform overview, network trade methods, network marketing consultant professional quality and network basis, form basis, web page production, website maintenance, network information collection and collation, release, network advertising release, credit card Debit card, e-check, basic knowledge of e-commerce law, etc., as well as the study of "Research on network marketing ethics and industry standards" and "Analysis on the essential quality of network marketing personnel" I mentioned before, may become a truly qualified network marketing teacher.

Analysis and understanding of network marketing and the status quo, and make reasonable adjustments!

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