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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Current situation of domestic network marketing

Current situation of domestic network marketing

Today is an era of "virtual expansion". Network marketing has brought revolutionary changes to enterprise marketing. Many scholars and experts at home and abroad have conducted in-depth research on it from different angles and levels. Most of the works are combined with the 4P theoretical model of marketing, and the textbooks used in Colleges and universities are more prominent, following this logic. In this field, the vast majority of the books are experts in the theoretical field, and there is still a vacancy for the actual experts who really have in-depth contact with the network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, the theoretical research has reached a very high level, but there is still a blank for the special research on the network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Enterprise network marketing has been proved to be an economic, fast and effective marketing means in China. According to the 27th statistical report on Internet development in China released by CNNIC, as of December 2010, 92.7% of China's small and medium-sized enterprises have access to the Internet, and 43% of small and medium-sized enterprises have independent enterprise websites or e-commerce platforms. The vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises with websites or online stores have begun to try network marketing. The pace of China's small and medium-sized enterprises entering the era of network marketing is accelerating.

The biggest problem of network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises is the restriction of channel resources. For the enterprises that want to implement network marketing, how to release their own brands and products to the Internet through channels has become the biggest problem for the development of network marketing.

In 2010, the number of Internet users in China reached 457 million, including 375 million search engine users, with an annual growth of 93.19 million, with a growth rate of 33.1%; The utilization rate also increased by 8.6 percentage points to 81.9%. Search engine ranks first in the utilization rate of various Internet applications, and the position of Internet portal has changed from traditional news portal to search engine website.

Small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing means mainly to establish enterprise portal website and search engine bidding ranking, but many small and medium-sized enterprises think that as long as they build a website and seize the opportunity in the search engine bidding ranking, with high traffic, there will be a large number of customers coming. But according to the survey, the basic situation of network marketing is that more than 95% of the visitors do not take the initiative to contact the enterprise after browsing the website. Although the enterprise provides these visitors with various ways to further contact: telephone number, mailing address, QQ, MSN, e-mail, etc., it is often difficult to retain visitors, let alone bring the most realistic marketing goal of the enterprise: sales growth. Therefore, it is particularly critical to study the current network promotion strategies of small and medium-sized enterprises, analyze the problems in detail, and put forward new ideas and Countermeasures of network promotion.

Comparatively speaking, the small and medium-sized enterprises that have used search marketing tend to be more active in the future than those that have not. Only 14.9% of search marketing advertisers plan to reduce their investment in search marketing in the future, and more than 85% of small and medium-sized enterprises will maintain or increase their investment in the future. It can be seen that most search marketing advertisers still hold a positive attitude towards the effect of search marketing.

The current situation of foreign network marketing

The application of Internet in foreign developed countries is much earlier than that in China, and the fields and depth involved in the application will be more extensive. There are many Internet marketing works in developed countries. Due to the differences in the national conditions of different countries, the works of other countries can only be used as reference materials, and it is difficult to truly reflect the problems existing in the Internet marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises in China, Of course, it is difficult to propose corresponding solutions.

Science and technology development and Internet popularization

With the emergence and development of electronic technology and communication technology, the field of Internet application is gradually changing from military to commercial and civil. After years of rapid development of Internet, China's Internet penetration rate is also increasing year by year. In January 2011, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the 27th statistical report on China's Internet development (hereinafter referred to as the report) in Beijing《 According to the report, in December 2010, the scale of Internet users in China continued to grow steadily, with the total number of Internet users reaching 457 million and the Internet penetration rate climbing to 34.3%, 5.4 percentage points higher than that at the end of 2009. 73.3 million new Internet users were added in the whole year, with an annual growth rate of 19.1%. By the end of 2010, the number of Internet users in China has accounted for 23.2% of the total number of Internet users in the world, and 55.4% of the total number of Internet users in Asia. Network contains unlimited market and breeds thousands of business opportunities. Network marketing has great development prospects and will become the mainstream of enterprise marketing in the 21st century.

Promotion of national policies

Since the international financial crisis, China has accelerated the pace of changing the mode of economic development, the state has issued a package of policies to expand domestic demand, domestic demand has become the main driving force of China's economic development, and the contribution rate of final consumption to economic growth has been increasing. The state and government's attention to enterprise informatization, as well as the measures to vigorously promote the integration of industrialization and informatization, have played a positive role in promoting the Internet access level of China's small and medium-sized enterprises. On the one hand, small and medium-sized enterprises realize the value of the Internet; on the other hand, policies guarantee that small and medium-sized enterprises can enjoy Internet services conveniently“ During the 11th Five Year Plan period, China's Internet users ranked first in the world, broadband penetration rate was close to 100%, enterprise Internet applications were more in-depth, Internet construction led the rapid development of information technology in China, and effectively promoted economic development, social progress and the change of people's lifestyle.

Traction of market opportunity

With the wide spread and application of marketing all over the world, the research on some regular problems of marketing is deepening, some new concepts and principles are emerging, and the research field of marketing is gradually expanding. The research and application in this field has also made a breakthrough in China. Its development characteristics have changed from market-oriented to demand-oriented, and the market competition has also changed from technology to marketing competition. However, with the development of information technology, consumers have more and more information about goods, and the price competition is also increasingly obvious. Operators have to reduce the cost of goods from production to sales as much as possible, and shorten the operation cycle. The development of network marketing can save a lot of sales costs, reduce the occupation of funds by inventory goods, make the business scale not limited by the site, and facilitate the collection of customer information, etc. All these can greatly reduce the cost and expense of enterprise operation, shorten the operation cycle, and fundamentally strengthen the competitive advantage of enterprises.

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