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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Cyber marketing (online marketing)

Cyber marketing (online marketing), the word "cyber" in the dictionary is interpreted as "the science of controlling complex systems", but in practical application, its meaning has evolved into the invisible "space" where computers and communication can meet. Network marketing is a process to achieve the marketing goal of an enterprise with the help of the power of online network, computer communication and digital interactive multimedia.

The emergence of network marketing is caused by the development of science and technology, the change of consumer value, commercial competition and other comprehensive factors.

1、 The conceptual basis of network marketing -- the change of consumer values

To meet the needs of consumers, no matter when and where, is the business core of an enterprise. With the gradual change of the use of the Internet from academic research to commercial application, enterprises all over the world have been on the Internet to provide various types of information services for consumers, and regard seizing the commanding height of science and technology as an important way to obtain future competitive advantage.

Here, I will explain the emergence of network marketing from the perspective of consumer psychology.

1. The changing trend and characteristics of contemporary consumer psychology

Today's enterprises are facing unprecedented fierce competition, the market is evolving from seller monopoly to buyer monopoly, and the era of consumer led marketing has come. In the buyer's market, consumers will face more complicated choices of goods and brands. This change makes the psychology of contemporary consumers present a new feature and trend compared with the past.

(1) The return of individual consumption

The progress of human beings and the development of history are often in the process of positive and negative changes. This reincarnation is not a simple return, but a tortuous development and spiral rise. People daub a picture on the white paper of history, and after a certain period of time, they will erase it and draw another one, so as to go back and forth, even to infinity.

In the past quite a long period of history, industry and commerce are consumers as a single individual services. In this period, personality consumption is the mainstream. Only in modern times, industrialization and standardized mode of production made the personality of consumers submerged in a large number of low-cost, single products. On the other hand, in a shortage economy or near monopoly market, consumers have few choices, so their personality has to be suppressed. However, with the development of market economy today, most products are extremely rich in quantity and variety. Consumers can choose and buy goods or services based on their own psychological desire. Further, they are not only able to make choices, but also eager to make them. They have more needs and more changes. Gradually, consumers began to set their own standards. They were not afraid to challenge businesses, which was unimaginable in the past. From the perspective of psychoanalysis, what consumers choose is not only the use value of goods, but also other "extensions", which may be different from each other. So theoretically, no consumer's psychology is exactly the same, every consumer is a market segment. Psychological identity has become a prerequisite for consumers to make brand and product decisions, and personalized consumption is becoming the mainstream of consumption again.

(2) Consumption initiative enhanced

In the trend of social division and specialization, consumers' sense of risk increases with the increase of choices, and they are tired of and distrust the one-way "spoon feeding" marketing communication. In the purchase of many daily necessities, especially in the purchase of some large durable consumer goods (such as computers), consumers will take the initiative to obtain and analyze the information related to the goods through various possible channels. These analyses may not be sufficient and accurate, but consumers can get psychological balance from them, so as to reduce the risk or the possibility of regret after purchase, increase the trust in products and strive for psychological satisfaction. The enhancement of consumption initiative comes from the increase of uncertainty in modern society and human desire for psychological stability and balance.

3. The demand for shopping convenience and the pursuit of shopping pleasure coexist

Some of the consumers with high work pressure and tension will take the convenience of shopping as the goal, and seek to save time and labor costs as much as possible, especially for the daily consumers with relatively stable demand and brand choice. However, other consumers are just on the contrary. Due to the improvement of labor productivity, people have more time at their disposal. Some freelancers or housewives hope to spend their time shopping, find fun in life, keep in touch with society, and reduce psychological loneliness. Therefore, they are willing to spend more time and energy on shopping, and the premise must be that shopping can bring them fun and meet their psychological needs. These two opposite psychology will coexist and develop for a long time in the future.

4. Price is still an important factor affecting consumer psychology

Although marketing workers tend to weaken the sensitivity of consumers to price by various differentiation, and avoid vicious price cutting competition, price always has an important impact on consumers' psychology. For example, in the recent microwave oven price war, although Galanz, as a market leader, has many advantages in technology, quality and service, in the end, it was forced to announce that it will return to the ranks of price competition and fight for market share. This shows that even in the face of modern developed marketing technology, the role of price can not be ignored. As long as the price drop exceeds the psychological limit of consumers, consumers will inevitably change their established shopping principles.

It can be seen that in modern society, great changes have taken place in consumer values, so from what aspects does network marketing meet consumer values?

2. Psychological advantages and attraction of network marketing

(1) Network marketing is a kind of consumer oriented and personalized marketing mode

The biggest characteristic of network marketing is that it is consumer oriented. Consumers will have more freedom of choice than in the past. They can find satisfying products on a global scale according to their own personality and needs, regardless of geographical restrictions. By entering the interested enterprise website or virtual store, consumers can obtain more relevant information of products and make shopping more personalized.

For example, a business selling outdoor activities has launched the business of customized travel bags on the Internet. Customers can use their own computers and networks to design (modify) the style, color, materials, size, decorations and accessories of travel bags, and embroider their initials. When they are satisfied, they can press the order button, You can wait to carry your own unique travel bag all over the world to show off the scenery.

This kind of development of individual consumption will urge enterprises to reconsider their marketing strategy and take the individual needs of consumers as the starting point of providing products and services. In addition, with the progress of computer-aided design, artificial intelligence, remote sensing and remote control technology, modern enterprises will have the ability to carry out multi variety and small batch production at a lower cost. The enhancement of this ability has laid the foundation for personalized marketing.

However, in order to truly realize the personalized marketing, we must also solve the problem of huge promotion costs. The emergence of network marketing provides a feasible solution to this problem. All kinds of sales information of enterprises will exist in the form of digitization on the network, which can be sent at a very low cost and can be modified at any time according to the needs, so the huge promotion cost can be saved. Enterprises can also provide special services through the automatic service system according to the feedback information and requirements of consumers.

(2) Network marketing is an ideal tool to realize the whole process of marketing

The traditional marketing management emphasizes 4P (product, price, channel and promotion) combination, while the modern marketing management pursues 4C (customer, cost, convenience and communication). However, no matter what kind of concept, it must be based on such a premise: the enterprise must implement the whole process marketing, that is, it must start from the product design stage to fully consider the needs and wishes of consumers.

Unfortunately, this is often difficult to achieve in practice. The reason lies in the lack of appropriate communication channels between consumers and enterprises or the high cost of communication. Generally, consumers can only make suggestions or criticisms on the existing products, but it is difficult to get involved in the products that are still in the conceptual stage. In addition, most small and medium-sized enterprises also lack enough capital to understand the potential needs of consumers. They can only develop their products according to their own ability or the strategies of market leaders.

In the network environment, this situation will be improved. Even small and medium-sized enterprises can collect consumers' real-time information in the whole process of marketing at a very low cost through electronic bulletin boards, online discussion areas and e-mail. Consumers have the opportunity to express their opinions on a series of issues such as product design, pricing (especially for enterprises adopting the value based pricing method) and services. This kind of two-way interactive communication mode improves the participation and enthusiasm of consumers, and more importantly, it can make the marketing decisions of enterprises have a clear target and fundamentally improve the satisfaction of consumers.

(3) Network marketing can meet consumers' demand for shopping convenience and improve consumers' shopping efficiency

The modern pace of life has made consumers spend less and less time out shopping in stores. In the traditional way of shopping, from the perspective of the process of commodity trading, it generally needs to go through a series of processes, such as looking at samples, selecting commodities, determining the commodities to be purchased, paying and settling accounts, packaging commodities, picking up (or delivering goods), etc. Most of the buying and selling process is completed in the selling place, which is as short as a few minutes and as long as a few hours. In addition, the journey time of the buyer to the shopping place, the return time after the purchase and the stay time in the place of purchase will undoubtedly greatly prolong the buying and selling process of the goods and make the consumers have to pay a lot of time and energy in order to buy the goods. At the same time, the congested traffic and expanding stores extend the time and energy consumption of consumers. However, in modern society, with the acceleration of the pace of life, people are more and more cherish their leisure time, more and more hope to engage in some activities beneficial to body and mind in leisure time, and fully enjoy life. In this case, people will spend less and less time on shopping.

Network marketing gives us an attractive scene, so that the process of shopping is no longer a heavy burden, and even sometimes it is a kind of leisure and entertainment. Let's take a look at how online marketing simplifies the buying process!

Pre sale: to provide consumers with rich and vivid product information and related information (such as quality certification, expert evaluation, etc.), and the interface is friendly and clear, easy to operate, consumers can make a purchase decision after comparing the performance price ratio of various similar products.

On sale: you don't need to drive to shopping malls that may be far away, and you don't need to wait in long lines when you pay. Finally, you don't need to negotiate with the mall staff to contact the delivery. On the Internet, everything is so simple and fast. Sitting at home, you can go to virtual stores, settle accounts with e-money and so on, saving a lot of trouble.

After sales: you can contact the manufacturer at any time to get timely technical support and service from the seller in case of any problem during use.

In short, online marketing can simplify the shopping process, save consumers' time and energy, and minimize the trouble in the purchase process.

4. Network marketing can meet the needs of price oriented consumers

Network marketing can save a huge amount of circulation cost of promotion for enterprises, and make it possible to reduce the cost and price of products. On the other hand, consumers can find the most favorable price in the world, and even bypass the middleman to order directly to the producers, so they can buy at a lower price.

Consumers urgently need new fast and convenient shopping services to meet their own needs to the greatest extent. This change of consumer values calls for the emergence of network marketing, and network marketing also meets the needs of consumers to a certain extent. Through online shopping, consumers can "sit at home behind closed doors and get goods from the Internet."

2、 The realistic foundation of network marketing -- the increasingly fierce business competition

With the increasingly fierce competition in the market, in order to gain an advantage in the competition, all enterprises have tried their best to attract customers. It is difficult to say that there are any novel and unique methods to win by surprise. Even if some marketing means can attract customers in a period of time, it may not increase the profits of enterprises. Market competition no longer depends on the competition of surface marketing means, but the competition of deeper management and organization forms has begun. Operators are eager to seek changes in order to reduce the cost and expense ratio of goods in the whole supply chain from production to sales as much as possible and shorten the operation cycle.

And for the requirements of the operators to change, network marketing can be described as more with one stone. The development of network marketing can save a lot of expensive store rent, reduce the capital occupation of inventory goods, make the business scale not limited by the site, and facilitate the collection of customer information, etc. all these make the cost and expense of enterprise operation lower, the operation cycle shorter, fundamentally enhance the competitive advantage of enterprises, and increase profits.

In short, the emergence of network marketing has its technical basis, concept basis and practical basis, which is the result of the comprehensive effect of many factors. There are unlimited business opportunities in the Internet market. As Norton, vice president of technology and administration of Time Warner Group's new media company, said, "although we don't know how to make money, we must be optimistic about the unlimited business opportunities on the Internet now.

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