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Friday, June 11, 2021

How to join the network marketing

 How to join the network marketing

By choosing the target keywords for the website, the process of determining the theme and title for the website is actually very close to a very important "positioning marketing" in the marketing method. Positioning marketing, I think it is more important, the following will be introduced in detail, how to optimize the website in the process, and do positioning marketing.

In order to better understand positioning marketing, let's take an example, if you want to open a store, company or website.

The first thing you have to do is "position" yourself. Determine what products you want to sell and who you want to sell them to, and that's your target customer. Your products are sold to customers, and what value they can bring to them, and so on, all start with positioning. You need to analyze your personal positioning, company positioning, product positioning, customer positioning, market positioning, etc. If you start with a wrong positioning, or positioning is not detailed enough, there is no specific direction, then you will only fail. This is just like when you determine the target keywords for your website, if your keywords have no commercial value, what's the use of giving you the first place on the first page of Baidu. It's a painful thing to have traffic and no trading volume!

Thirdly, network marketing is also a channel of enterprise marketing, which is not mysterious. Compared with the traditional media platform marketing, network marketing has many advantages, but the nature is still the same, unable to guarantee 100% return on investment. Market competition needs good advertising creativity, products and services also need to have a competitive advantage in order to attract consumers' wallets.

In addition, due to the new network marketing, some enterprises will delegate power to some marketing companies for operation planning, but ranking and traffic may not necessarily bring the expected marketing effect, and product performance and service are fundamental. Although enterprises need to decentralize power, they also need to control it. Once they stop cooperating with outsourcing companies due to labor disputes, the previous investment may be wasted. Therefore, the marketing effect is not only the ranking and traffic, but also the product performance, price and service quality!

In this transforming society, small and medium-sized enterprises are the most difficult group to resist external risks because of their own weak strength. According to the survey of the Department of small and medium-sized enterprises, the average survival time of small and medium-sized enterprises has been reduced to two years. It can be seen that the competitive environment is cruel. However, no matter how fierce the competition is, they need to enhance their own strength, and so is the network marketing.

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