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Friday, June 18, 2021

Internet Marketing

 Internet Marketing

1. From market orientation to customer orientation

2. Homogenization, large-scale to personalized, one-to-one transformation

3. From one-way marketing to synchronous and interactive marketing

4. Marketing management has developed from a decentralized and independent process to a unified collaborative work process

Network marketing (on-line marketing or cybermarketing) is a form of direct marketing. It is the product of the combination of enterprise marketing practice, modern information communication technology and computer network technology. It refers to all kinds of marketing activities (including network research, Internet marketing and Internet Marketing) based on electronic information technology and computer network Network new product development, network promotion, network distribution, network service, etc.

Advantages of network marketing:

1. It is beneficial for enterprises to gain competitive advantage in the future, because the network allows consumers to know some products of your company earlier, and directly guide consumers to recognize products, thus occupying some markets of consumers.

2. Make the decision of consumption more convenient and independent. Because Internet browsing is not limited by time and place, and it doesn't have to compare quality and price in shopping malls, and it doesn't have to face the "enthusiastic promotion" of sales. It's entirely up to you. You just need to operate the mouse. This kind of flexibility, quickness and convenience can't be compared with shopping malls, Especially by many people who don't have time or don't like shopping.

3. It is beneficial for enterprises to obtain cost advantage. The cost of publishing information on the Internet is limited. Selling products directly to consumers can shorten the distribution process, and anyone can get the information freely. It can broaden the scope of sales, which can save the cost of the salesman running blindly outside. So as to reduce the cost and make the product price competitive. Most of the visitors are customers who are interested in this kind of products. The audience is accurate, which can avoid a lot of useless information transmission and save costs.

4. Good communication between enterprises and customers. Questionnaire can be made to collect customers' opinions, so that customers can participate in the design, development and production of products, so as to make the production truly customer-centered, meet customers' needs from all aspects, and avoid unnecessary waste. Businesses can set up a special person to answer questions to help customers understand the information about the products, so that the communication is humanized and personalized.

5. It is beneficial for enterprises to provide better service. People are most afraid to meet two kinds of "salesmen". One is "cold as ice", which makes people dare not buy; The other is "enthusiastic like fire", which makes people have to buy. Although the sales are successful, customers complain. The one-to-one service of network marketing, however, leaves customers more free space to consider, avoids impulse shopping, and can make more decisions after comparison. Online services can be 24-hour services, and more quickly. This provides fast service and reduces the cost of service.

6. It is helpful for enterprises to improve the multimedia effect of product promotion. Network advertising has the characteristics of large information carrying capacity of print media, and also has the visual and auditory effects of radio media. It can be described as both picture and text, audio and video. Moreover, the advertisement release does not need printing, saves paper, and is not limited by time and layout. Customers can get it at any time as long as they need it.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and network marketing is no exception. Compared with traditional marketing, the main disadvantages of network marketing are as follows:

1. Lack of trust. People still believe in the idea that seeing is believing. They still have to look around and feel things with their own hands before they can rest assured. It's no wonder that the reputation of the merchants is not good. Although they promise a lot, they say one thing and do another, which makes consumers have to shop around. They are afraid that what they buy at home is different from what they introduce. Although it's a little troublesome, it's better than looking at their faces when they return or exchange goods. To develop online shopping, quality assurance is an important aspect.

2. Lack of interest. Online shopping is a cold, emotionless machine. It has no elegant and comfortable atmosphere in the shopping mall, lacks the fun of shopping in groups, and has no exquisite goods to enjoy. Sometimes, the purpose of shopping is not necessarily shopping, it can be a kind of leisure and entertainment, or enjoyment. Online shopping also has the inconvenience of trial, consumers have no on-the-spot experience, and can't judge whether it is true or not from the expression of the salesman. The real object is always more real and vivid than the image. Therefore, for many people, online shopping is not attractive enough.

3. The price issue is becoming more sensitive. With sufficient information on the Internet, consumers do not have to compare prices between the East and the West. They just need to browse the merchant's website to compare the goods. For the merchant, it is easy to cause a price war, reduce the profit margin of the industry, or lead to both losses. For some products with certain price flexibility, it is not easy to bargain on the Internet, which may delay business opportunities.

4. The advertising effect is not good. Although online advertising has the effect of multimedia, due to the limitations of the available advertising space and computer screen, its color is not as good as magazine and TV, and its sound effect is not as good as TV and radio.

5. The passivity of enterprise sales promotion is increasing. The information on the Internet can only wait for customers to come and ask for it, instead of taking the initiative to attack. What is achieved is only point-to-point communication, and it does not have the effect of compulsory viewing. The initiative is in the hands of consumers, and they can choose to see or not. The business is just waiting for the hare. Let's make good use of the Internet to do a good job in our enterprise's network marketing. We should correct and learn some disadvantages in network marketing and traditional marketing. As a new way of marketing and communication, network marketing still needs to be improved and developed. I believe that with the development of network technology and the popularity of the Internet, people's understanding of network marketing, and I believe that general enterprises will make proud achievements in network marketing.

Network marketing can be divided into broad sense and narrow sense according to the way of its realization. Broad sense network marketing refers to the marketing activities carried out by enterprises using all computer networks (including intranet intranet, EDI industry system special line network and Internet), while narrow sense network marketing refers to Internet marketing. Internet, the largest computer network system in the world.

As of February 1998, the Internet has covered more than 170 countries and regions, connecting more than 60000 regional networks, more than 6 million hosts, and has about 130 million users. Moreover, network usage is still growing at a rate of 15% per month. The Internet is rapidly penetrating into all fields of social politics, economy and culture, entering people's daily life, and bringing great changes in social economy and people's way of life. Human beings have begun to enter the network society. More and more enterprises realize the role of the Internet in the development of enterprise management, and occupy this technological commanding height one after another, and regard it as the main way of future competitive advantage.

At present, in the United States, more than 40% of enterprises are using the Internet to carry out marketing business; In North America, Western Europe and Japan, the number of enterprises joining the Internet has doubled every month since 1995; Almost all of the top 500 companies in the world, according to Fortune magazine, carry out online marketing business. According to the statistics of the International Telecommunication Union and International Data Corporation of the United States, the global Internet trade volume was US $3 billion in 1996, US $13.4 billion in 1997 and US $31.3 billion in 1998. It is estimated that it will reach US $71 billion in 1999 and US $223 billion in 2000. By 2010, the Internet trade volume will account for 42% of the global trade volume. Network contains unlimited market and breeds thousands of business opportunities. Network marketing has great development prospects and will become the mainstream of enterprise marketing in the 21st century.

As a new marketing method, network marketing has obvious advantages compared with traditional marketing methods.

First of all, network media has the characteristics of wide communication range, fast speed, no time and geographical restrictions, no time and layout constraints, detailed content, multimedia transmission, vivid image, two-way communication, rapid feedback and so on, which is conducive to improving the efficiency of enterprise marketing information communication, enhancing the effect of enterprise marketing information communication, and reducing the cost of enterprise marketing information communication.

Secondly, network marketing has no store rent cost. And the realization of product direct sales can help enterprises reduce inventory pressure and operating costs.

Third, the Internet covers the global market, through which enterprises can easily and quickly enter any country's market. In particular, the second WTO Ministerial Conference decided not to levy tariffs on Internet trade before the next ministerial conference. Internet marketing has set up a green channel for enterprises to access the international market.

Fourth, on the Internet, no enterprise is absolutely limited by its own scale, and can equally obtain information from all over the world and display itself equally, which creates an excellent space for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. By using the Internet, small and medium-sized enterprises can quickly establish their own global information network and trade network at a very low cost, and quickly transfer product information to the market. Only large companies with strong financial resources can reach the market and compete with large enterprises equally. From this point of view, network marketing provides a powerful competitive weapon for small and medium-sized enterprises which are just starting and facing strong competitors.

Fifth, network marketing can make consumers have more freedom of choice than traditional marketing. According to their own characteristics and needs, consumers can quickly find satisfying products and make full comparison, which is not limited by region and time in the world, which is conducive to saving consumers' transaction time and transaction cost. In addition, the Internet can also help enterprises to achieve one-to-one communication with consumers, so that enterprises can provide one-to-one personalized services for the individual needs of consumers.

Of course, all things have their own advantages and disadvantages. As a new marketing method, network marketing has strong vitality, but there are also some shortcomings. For example, online marketing, especially online distribution, can not meet the psychological needs of consumers' personal social communication. Consumers can not show their social status, achievements or ability to pay by shopping process. Nevertheless, network marketing, as a new marketing method in the 21st century, is irresistible and will become a sharp weapon for global enterprises to compete.

The current situation of network marketing in China

In China, network marketing started late, until 1996, it began to be tried by Chinese enterprises. According to media reports: in 1996, Li Hongru, a farmer in Qingzhou, Shandong Province, opened an "online flower shop" on the Internet for the first time, with an annual sales revenue of 9.5 million yuan and customers all over the country, but the company did not have a salesman; In 1997, Jiangsu Wuxi cygnet used the Internet to release the information of cooperative production of dishwasher to 8 international large-scale washing machine manufacturers, and through online negotiation, confirmed Ariston as a partner, signed a contract of 29.8 million yuan; Haier Group sold 3000 refrigerators to Ireland through the Internet in 1997. By May 12, 1999, the company had released 11298 information times, accepted and processed more than 3600 e-mails from users, and the number of visitors increased from 2300 per day in the same period of last year to 27000 per day now. 20% of its export business was realized through the Internet. Many commercial enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places have also set up virtual stores on the Internet. There are about 100 online stores nationwide. At present, network marketing has been adopted by Chinese enterprises. Various network marketing activities, such as network research, network advertising, network distribution and network service, are actively involved in the production and operation of enterprises. Statistics from the National Information Center show that at present, more than 80000 enterprises in China have joined the Internet and are involved in network marketing. Among them, computer industry, communication industry and financial industry are more common. Computer industry accounts for 34%, communication industry 23%, financial industry 11% and others 32%.

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