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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Internet Marketing

 Internet Marketing

First, instant interaction. Through the Internet, enterprises can communicate with customers

Instant communication, fast speed, high efficiency, not only that, customers can also take the initiative to search

Ask for product information and reduce waiting time. Modern consumers are more and more interested in waiting

No patience, their questions need to be answered immediately, or they will leave. mutual

The immediacy and interactivity of networking meet this characteristic of consumers

Second, low cost. The low cost advantage of network marketing first comes from its credit

The time cost of information transmission is very low. Information can be transmitted instantly through the Internet

To any place on earth that has access to the Internet,

The time cost is minimal.


The economic cost of using network marketing will be lower and lower,

The cost of sending an email is negligible,

With the development of Internet users

With the huge scale, the scale effect of network service providers can be brought into play, and the network needs to be set up

The cost of construction will be lower and lower. Thirdly, the application of the Internet to a certain extent

It weakens the role of channel middlemen, especially online direct sales, which will be greatly reduced

Reduce access costs. Finally, because the advertising on the Internet is charged according to the number of readers, the number of readers is increased

It improves the effectiveness of advertising. According to director of Internet marketing services



A survey of a large company shows that,

The cost of online promotion is higher than that of direct mail

A third, but the number of leads more than doubled

Third, "one-to-one" communication. The traditional way of communication is "one to many"

The information provided by enterprises is lack of pertinence, while through the Internet, enterprises can not communicate with each other

But it can achieve "one-to-one" communication, which is more targeted and more effective


Fourth, across time and space. As long as the customer is willing, the enterprise can do it 24 hours a day

Provide customers with various information intermittently,

Network marketing reduces the influence of time factor


The emergence of the network makes the dissemination of information in today's society reach an unprecedented speed and speed

Density, Internet based marketing activities, can put aside time, space and place

The restriction of domain and country can reduce the market barrier and the obstacle of market expansion, and make the network more convenient

Marketing has the characteristics of globalization and internationalization as soon as it appears

Fifth, detailed and vivid. The network as the media of information is very rich

Advanced technology means, the network can achieve pictures, animation, text and sound

The effective combination of form, sound and text, full and vivid, its content not only includes production

Product and price information, including related knowledge and cultural information. For example, in Starbucks

When you buy coffee from the station, you can not only understand the planting history and production technology of coffee,

How to drink and other information, you can also learn about related club activities, as well as rich information

It's hard for other marketing methods to achieve the colorful coffee culture.

Sixth, the open network architecture makes different software and hardware environment, different


The goal of distributed processing, so that online advertising can be accurately, quickly and efficiently

To every potential customer.

Seventh, editorial advertising has become a powerful tool for advertisers, who often use the social media

On the integration of online advertising and world wide web publications.

Advertisers can make up their own names

In advertising articles,

To build credit,

Expand the contact surface,

If used properly,


Tips to local recipes, etc.

Eighth, immediate effect monitoring. The use of advanced information technology, advertisers

data It is important to adjust the advertising strategy in time

It's very significant. This is impossible in traditional media.

Only after enterprises understand the advantages of network marketing,

Will be better and more effective

Do a good job in network marketing.

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