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Friday, June 4, 2021

Is network marketing a good major?

Is network marketing a good major?

Say what this major does, it's better to be more detailed, thank you!

Network marketing is an emerging industry, now there is still a large shortage of talents, learning network marketing, or easy to find a job. DMC network marketing practical college is such a practical training college. Network marketing is a new marketing mode which takes the Internet as the media, with new ways, methods and ideas, through a series of charming network marketing planning, formulation and implementation of marketing activities, and more effectively promotes the realization of personal and organizational trading activities. It is an integral part of an enterprise's overall marketing strategy. It is a variety of activities to achieve the enterprise's overall network marketing body or part of the business objectives, and to create an online business environment with the Internet as the basic means. Synonyms of network marketing include: online marketing, Internet marketing, online marketing, online marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, network event marketing, social media marketing, micro blog marketing, etc. These words all have the same meaning. Generally speaking, network marketing is a marketing activity with Internet as the main means. 1、 By the end of December 2010, the number of Internet users in China has reached 457 million. Ranked first in the world. The huge number of Internet users has brought huge business opportunities. In European and American countries, more than 90% of enterprises have established their own websites; It has become a habit to find our customers and products through the Internet. If an enterprise wants to buy something, especially when it purchases for the first time, it will first make a preliminary search and selection on the Internet, and then further contact the supplier. The huge online consumer groups, especially the changes of business habits of enterprises, provide a broad space for online marketing. The cross time and space nature of network marketing is undoubtedly a "heavy artillery shell", which will have a huge impact on the whole marketing. With the development of China's network marketing, the demand of Chinese enterprises for network marketing talents is increasing. With the increasing demand of network marketing related jobs, it brings huge employment opportunities. At the same time, it also has new requirements for practitioners' skills. In this context, network marketing training also began to develop. With the development of science and technology and the rapid growth of Internet users, the Internet plays an increasingly important role in people's daily life; At the same time, network marketing promotion is gradually becoming the most important and effective way of marketing promotion with its many advantages. According to statistics, in foreign countries, 80% of individuals and enterprises choose network media for marketing promotion, and get excellent results. In China, although only 7-8% of the people choose "network marketing", less than one tenth of foreign countries, but only in this "one tenth" of the people choose network marketing, more than half of the companies and individuals are able to show their heads and win business opportunities in the competition with competitors because of the powerful power of network marketing. With the further expansion of network influence, with the further deepening of people's understanding of network marketing, and more and more successful cases of network marketing promotion, people have begun to realize many advantages of network marketing, and more and more through the network marketing promotion. When electric light just appeared, no one thought it could be widely used in the world; When the Internet just appeared, many people thought it was just a flash in the pan... Only those who dare to be the first in the world, seize the opportunity and have the courage to try can first wake up in the development of the times, and then grasp the opportunity and succeed. History is always astonishingly similar, and it is the same today. When people are watching, can you first realize the powerful power of online marketing? When people are hesitating, can you use the Internet for marketing? Now a decision will determine the starting point of your life and the height of your career. Opportunities have emerged, it depends on who can grasp them. 2、 The current situation of China's network marketing in China, network marketing started late, to 1996 began to be tried by Chinese enterprises. 1997-2000 is the initial stage of network marketing in China. With the rapid development of e-commerce, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to network marketing. Since 2000, network marketing has entered the stage of application and development, and the network marketing service market has initially formed; The network advertisement innovates unceasingly; Marketing tools and means continue to emerge and develop. By the end of June 2008, China had 253 million Internet users, ranking the first in the world, with 63.29 million online shoppers. By the end of 2009, China had nearly 400 million Internet users, ranking first in the world. In June 2010, the total number of Internet users reached 420 million. By the end of June 2011, the total number of Internet users in China had reached 485 million, and the Internet penetration rate was 36.2%, 1.9 percentage points higher than that at the end of 2010. At present, network marketing activities such as network research, network advertising, network distribution and network service are actively involved in the production and operation of enterprises. 3、 Theoretical basis the theoretical basis of network marketing is mainly direct marketing theory, network relationship marketing theory, soft marketing theory and network integrated marketing 4I theory. Direct marketing theory is a noticeable concept in the 1980s. The American Direct Marketing Association defines it as "a marketing system in which one or more advertising media interact in order to generate measurable responses and / or achieve transactions anywhere." Relationship marketing is an important marketing theory since 1990. It mainly includes two basic points: firstly, it is recognized that marketing will have an impact on a wide range of fields, including customer market and influencer market; At the micro level, we realize that the relationship between enterprises and customers is constantly changing, and the core of marketing should change from the simple one-off transaction relationship in the past to the long-term relationship. Network integrated marketing theory mainly includes the following key points: network marketing first requires the integration of consumers into the whole marketing process, starting from their needs to start the whole marketing process. The characteristics of E-marketing are: 1. It has distinctive theory; 2. The market is global; 3. The resources are integrated; 4. The economy is obvious; 5. The impact of the market is analyzed comprehensively according to the industry background of the customers, the characteristics of the target objects, the actual situation of the customers and the business purpose, Combined with the current situation and needs of the network marketing market, this paper designs a set of planning scheme in line with the overall business operation of customers, including the industry market analysis of the website, target object analysis, website positioning analysis, column and page analysis, functional demand analysis and website promotion scheme suggestions, etc. In a word, precision network marketing is the one in one shot. The basis of precision lies in segmentation. Market differentiation and positioning is a key link in modern marketing activities. Only by accurately distinguishing the market, can we ensure the effective market, product and brand positioning. Only under the premise of market investigation and enterprise investigation can the enterprise position be subdivided, otherwise the market segmentation will be "the root of no source" and "the water of no source". Only by accurately distinguishing the market can the effective market, product and brand positioning be ensured. 4、 Network marketing environment 1. Enterprise internal environment: the enterprise internal environment includes the relationship and coordination of various departments within the enterprise, and the relationship between the marketing department and other departments, so as to ensure the smooth development of enterprise marketing activities. 2. Supplier: a supplier refers to a company or individual that provides production and operation requirements to an enterprise and its competitors. Suppliers have a substantial impact on the marketing business of enterprises. 3. Marketing agency: a company that coordinates the promotion and distribution of its products to the ultimate buyer. 4. Customer or user: customer or user is the market of enterprise product sales and the direct or final marketing target of enterprise. The development of network technology has greatly eliminated the limitation of geographical location between enterprises and customers, and created a mechanism for both sides to access and exchange information more easily. Customers can get more demand information through the Internet to make their purchasing behavior more rational. 5. Competitors: competition is the inevitable law of commodity economic activities, network marketing is no exception. 5、 The basic principles of network marketing Liu Dongming, an expert in network marketing specially employed by President class of Tsinghua University, pointed out in the "weapon spectrum of network integrated marketing" that in the field of network marketing, the traditional marketing classics have been difficult to apply. Consumers are in the world, media is the emperor of traditional communication era, and you is the new king of network communication era! In the era of traditional media, information dissemination is "church style", information flows from top to bottom, one-way linear, consumers can only passively accept. In the era of network media, information dissemination is "market type", with multi-directional and interactive flow of information. The voice is diverse, noisy and different from each other. Internet media has brought a variety of "We Media" explosive growth, blog, forum, Im, SNS... With this, every grassroots consumer has its own "mouth" and "ear". In the face of these "uprising tails", traditional marketing methods like "hunting" should become "fishing": marketers need to learn how to use "creative fire" to simmer out attractive "bait", and brand information is skillfully wrapped as "fishhook". 6、 Advantages and disadvantages of network marketing advantages 1. Network media has the characteristics of wide communication range, fast speed, no time and geographical restrictions, no time and layout constraints, detailed content, multimedia transmission, vivid image, two-way communication and rapid feedback, which is conducive to improving the efficiency of enterprise marketing information communication and enhancing the effect of enterprise marketing information communication, Reduce the cost of marketing information dissemination. 2. Network marketing has no store rent cost. And it has the function of product direct selling, which can help enterprises reduce inventory pressure and operating costs. 3. The Internet covers the global market, through which enterprises can easily and quickly enter any country's market. In particular, the second WTO Ministerial Conference decided not to levy tariffs on Internet trade before the next ministerial conference. Internet marketing has set up a green channel for enterprises to access the international market. 4. Personalized service 5. Easy to implement 5C strategy 6. Convenient access to business opportunities and decision-making information 7. Multimedia display 8. Rich promotion means 9. Expansibility 10. Information transparency 11. Significant disadvantages of long tail effect 1. Lack of trust 2. Lack of interest 3. Technology and security 4. Price 5. Poor advertising effect 6. Passivity

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