Friday, June 18, 2021

Network marketing and network marketing

Network marketing and network marketing

Generally, Internet and Internet are the same

Online marketing, also known as network marketing, is a new marketing method based on the Internet, using the interaction of digital information and network media to assist the realization of marketing objectives.

1. Internet marketing in a broad sense

Synonyms of online marketing include: online marketing, Internet marketing, online marketing, online marketing, etc. These words all have the same meaning. Generally speaking, online marketing is a marketing activity with the Internet as the main means.

Online marketing has strong practical characteristics. It is more practical to find the general methods and rules of online marketing than empty theoretical discussion“ "China network marketing network" collects the latest and most complete online marketing information. Therefore, how to define online marketing is not the most important. The key is to understand the real meaning and purpose of online marketing, that is, to fully understand the new marketing environment of the Internet, and to use various Internet tools to provide effective support for enterprise marketing activities. This is also the reason why we must pay attention to the practical methods of online marketing in the research of online marketing.

2. Narrow sense of online marketing

In a narrow sense, online marketing refers to a series of business activities that organizations or individuals do for products and services based on the open and convenient Internet, so as to meet the needs of organizations or individuals. Online marketing is a new business marketing mode

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