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Friday, June 18, 2021

Please help me solve a problem of traditional marketing and network marketing

Please help me solve a problem of traditional marketing and network marketing

This paper discusses the differences and relations between traditional marketing and Internet marketing, and illustrates the opportunities and challenges brought by internet marketing to traditional marketing with examples?

Compared with traditional marketing, network marketing has many advantages, and also has many functions for enterprises or customers. These functions are reflected in the following aspects.

(1) It helps to reduce the cost

Purchasing raw materials is a tedious and complicated work for enterprises. Using network can combine purchasing products with manufacturing and simplify purchasing procedure. Using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for paperless office, usually can save 5% - 10% of the purchase cost for enterprises“ EDI is an information technology that uses electronic means, standardized format and computer network to transmit and exchange structured data ③ In addition, traditional store promotion needs to invest a lot of money and manpower to conduct market research, and the cost of online promotion is equivalent to 1% of the cost of direct mail advertising. The average cost of online advertising is only 3% of that of traditional media, which can well reduce the cost of enterprises from the aspects of cost and sales.

(2) Can help enterprises increase sales opportunities, promote sales

The network can provide enterprises with all-weather advertising and services, and can also connect advertising and ordering as a whole to promote purchase intention. In addition, through the network, enterprises can integrate with the international market, reduce market barriers, and eliminate the influence of time and geographical barriers on sales of Companies in different countries. Traditional store sales have regional limitations. People can only shop on their own, which restricts the development scale of the store. Network marketing has the characteristics of all-weather operation without time limit, business scope without borders and regional boundaries, and refined and simplified marketing links. It can go beyond the limitation of time and space. In this way, through the unique characteristics of the network, can help enterprises better promote sales, so as to improve the market share of enterprises.

(3) It has strong interactivity and helps to achieve the whole marketing goal

Network has the characteristics of initiative and interaction, and can be extended indefinitely. In the traditional store sales, the communication between enterprises and consumers is more difficult. In the network environment, enterprises can greatly strengthen the contact between enterprises and customers in the form of bulletin board, website forum and e-mail. Enterprises can effectively understand the demand information of customers, so as to establish a database for management and use these information, To provide the basis for the marketing planning of enterprises, so as to improve the interaction between consumers and enterprises, and help enterprises achieve sales goals.

(4) It can effectively serve customers and meet their needs

The essence of marketing is to remove or reduce barriers and guide goods or services to transfer from producers to consumers. Network marketing is a kind of marketing mode that focuses on customers and emphasizes personalization. Compared with any stage or mode in traditional marketing, it can better reflect the "central" position of customers. In addition, network marketing can meet customers' demand for shopping convenience and improve customers' shopping efficiency. Through the network, customers can learn relevant information before shopping, spend time at home and get in touch with manufacturers after purchasing. In addition, network marketing can save the huge promotion and circulation costs that the traditional marketing methods have to spend for enterprises, thus making the decline of commodity costs and prices possible.

(5) It has high efficiency

Network has the characteristics of fast and convenient, network marketing combined with this advantage of the network, so that the efficiency of business marketing activities is improved. This efficiency is fully applied to all aspects of sales activities, so that a lot of useful information for enterprises can be used comprehensively, which plays a guiding role in the development of enterprises. The high efficiency of the network is more conducive to network marketing, so that the marketing process is more rapid and timely to meet the requirements of market development.

The above is the advantages of network marketing, there are disadvantages as follows, advantages and disadvantages is the difference between the two

The products suitable for network marketing are limited; Network marketing channels need to be improved; The payment of network marketing; Network marketing consciousness is not strong, lack of knowledge; Network marketing has security problems

The above is my part about network marketing. I hope it can help you

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