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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The current situation and Countermeasures of network marketing of commercial banks at home and abroad

The current situation and Countermeasures of network marketing of commercial banks at home and abroad

I hope I can help the scholars and their works on the Internet marketing strategy of commercial banks. Thank you

Marketing work lacks overall, systematic and long-term development strategy. The focus of the bank's current marketing work is on the promotion of the existing business types, ignoring the market analysis and market positioning for the long-term development of the bank, and lacking the marketing concept of strategic management.

2. Bank image is limited to the construction of enterprise visual identification (VI) system and activity identification (BI) system, ignoring enterprise concept identification (MI). A complete enterprise identification system (EIS) should include three parts: VI, Bi and MI, among which MI is the core. However, at the present stage, Chinese banks focus on the construction of VI system and BI system, that is, enterprise logo, staff uniform, office supplies, advertising communication, and staff education, service attitude, working environment, production welfare, etc., and ignore the structure of MI system, that is, the enterprise's business philosophy, business creed, enterprise mission, enterprise spirit, enterprise culture The construction of enterprise character and management strategy, which is the value system to show the unique personality of an enterprise, is an indispensable fundamental driving force for the continuous growth of an enterprise.

3. There are hidden dangers of uneconomics in the design of sales channels. In the past two years, major banks have been competing to set up business outlets and invested a lot in equipment and decoration. However, with the development of e-money and the emergence of telephone banking and Internet banking, compared with telecommunication transactions, fixed location business outlets occupy a lot of funds and have low operating efficiency. The lack of foresight for the establishment of business outlets increases the operating costs of banks and leads to non-standard competition among banks. Therefore, the high investment of business outlets does not necessarily mean a high return.

Lack of the concept of whole product. According to modern marketing theory, a complete product concept includes three levels: substantial product, formal product and additional product. Bank products are different from the products of general enterprises. The use value of their products is of great homogeneity and the product difference is small. At the same time, due to the current financial policy of our country, banks do not have the right to price their products independently. Therefore, objectively, the key to the difference advantage of bank products lies in the competition of additional products, that is, the competition of product services. At present, the bank's understanding of the concept of product is still in the stage of real product, which is keen to launch new financial products and neglects service marketing; It focuses on deposit marketing and ignores product mix marketing, which is mainly reflected in the fact that banks focus on the management of deposit and loan business rather than providing financial management and information consulting services for customers; The focus of inter-bank competition lies in the organization of deposits, which has not yet considered to provide customers with product portfolio and tap potential customer demand.

5. The way of promotion is single and the effect is mere formality. The main ways of product promotion are advertising, personnel promotion, business promotion and public relations. At present, the financial awareness of enterprises and residents in our country is strengthened, and the customers of banks need to obtain more financial knowledge, which puts forward the requirements of business publicity for banks. But now the promotion way of our banks is too concentrated in advertising, and the specific form of advertising is limited to the distribution of leaflets, newspaper advertising, the publicity is too narrow, the effective communication with customers is not enough, and the expected publicity effect can not be achieved; At the same time, the business quality of the banking staff is low, sometimes they can't give a satisfactory answer when they meet customers' business consultation, which affects the development of the banking business.

Wrong understanding of relationship marketing. The theory of relationship marketing originates from the marketing practice of European industrial products market and service market in the 1980s. It holds that marketing is a process of interaction between enterprises and a series of marketing objects, such as customers, competitors and government agencies. It requires the maintenance and development of trust, mutual benefit, long-term stability and good partnership with customers, To achieve the goal of all parties involved in market transactions. However, in the fierce competition, banks have produced improper "relationship" marketing, such as inviting guests and giving gifts, giving kickbacks, and high deposit interest rates. These practices not only violate the relevant management regulations, but also increase the operating costs of banks. What's more serious is that the customer relationship established by them is not stable, which not only wastes resources, but also leaves hidden dangers for the long-term development of banks.

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