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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

What does the network marketing engineer do?

What does the network marketing engineer do?

Who knows what network marketing engineer does? Is it network maintenance?

(1) Familiar with the basic knowledge of computer system;

(2) Familiar with the basic knowledge of network operating system;

(3) Understand the design and development method of computer application system;

(4) Familiar with the basic knowledge of data communication;

(5) Familiar with the basic knowledge of system security and data security;

(6) Master the basic technology of network security and the main security protocols and security systems;

(7) Master the basic principles of computer network architecture and network protocol;

(8) Master the standardization knowledge of computer network;

(9) Master LAN networking technology, understand the basic technology of man and WAN;

(10) Master computer network interconnection technology;

(11) Master the networking method and network application service technology of TCP / IP protocol network;

(12) Understand access network and access technology;

(13) Master the basic principles and operation methods of network management;

(14) Familiar with network system performance testing and optimization technology, as well as reliability design technology;

(15) Understand the basic principle and technology of network application;

(16) Understand the new network technology and its development trend;

(17) Understand the laws and regulations related to intellectual property and Internet;

(18) Read and understand English materials in this field correctly.

The qualified personnel who have passed the examination at the same level can plan and design the network system and install and debug the software and hardware of the network equipment according to the requirements of the application department, can operate, maintain and manage the network system, can manage the network resources efficiently, reliably and safely, and can provide technical support and guidance for the system development as network professionals, Have the practical working ability and professional level of engineer, can guide assistant engineer to engage in the construction and management of network system.

Most of the network engineers in Internet cafes are system and Intranet engineers. They are familiar with the structure of the intranet.

Most of the company's network engineers are strategy engineers, who are familiar with various restriction strategies.

Telecom Network Engineer: intranet engineer, node engineer. The Department is divided into two parts: Engineering Department and technology department.

Network engineers are network technicians who master the theoretical knowledge and operation skills of network technology through learning and training. Network engineer can be engaged in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of computer information system.

It's different from software engineers.

Almost all IT enterprises need network engineers to help users design and build computer information systems; Almost all it customers with computer information systems need network engineers to be responsible for operation and maintenance. Therefore, network engineers have more employment opportunities than software engineers. They can develop in the fields of database management, web development, it sales, Internet programming, database application, network development and customer support. Moreover, the salary is not bad. Statistics show that the average monthly salary of network technicians is about 2000-3000 yuan, while the highest salary is more than 5000 yuan.

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