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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

What is the good way to marketing and promoting online?

What is the good way to marketing and promoting online?

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Several common and effective ways of network promotion:

1. Blog promotion

Blog is a personal website that specializes in certain areas or specific events, which is a bit like writing a diary on the Internet. Many blogs upload videos or pictures, with their own unique style. In the process of online marketing, many people prefer to establish a blog for a specific field or topic, which can make their own professional in a certain field more persuasive. Blog offers you a great opportunity to call a professional.

2. Email promotion

E-mail promotion is a good way to promote effective customers. The key to this marketing approach is to build a database. This allows you to directly and timely contact your customers. This approach also helps you to build a continuous relationship with your future, present and past customers. Enterprises can choose their own domain name of the enterprise post office.

3. Advertising alliance promotion

Join an excellent advertising alliance, you can let your ads be displayed and viewed on thousands of websites, can customize the delivery mode, precise delivery, and achieve rapid effect.

4. SEO

SEO is usually used to improve the ranking of specific keywords in search engines. By adding something that search engines like, adding page tags, keyword layouts, external links... You can improve your ranking in search engines.

5. Search engine marketing (SEM)

Unlike SEO, search engine marketing (SEM) is a marketing method that allows you to improve your ranking in search results by paying. Search engine marketing includes pay per click and text related advertising

6. Sns social platform promotion

People who do website know that there are many marketing methods of a website. Only finding the marketing method suitable for the development of the website is the best. After many websites have done marketing, the results show that there are no registered members or registered members. But if they do not register, the key is that the website has not developed. SNS is the same. If SNS is just established, it is necessary to make new friends, if it wants to bring traffic and registered members through a large number of advertisements, then the result is that the flow is coming. It is difficult to stay in these members. The core of SNS development is that there are many old friends of members. Although SNS is created based on the six degree theory, it is necessary for a person to make new friends, But there is no better, more direct, cost-effective way to maintain an old friend. So those SNS websites have been advocating that they can help members know more friends, which reverses the core needs of members. For SNS, the first requirement of members is to maintain old friends in SNS website, and then to develop new friends. If even old friends can not maintain, then even if we know new friends, can we guarantee that new friends will be good friends? Probably most of them are just ordinary netizens.

SNS station to attract people, in addition to the members can maintain their old friends, but also make some new friends they need, but also a website culture or atmosphere, so that members have a sense of belonging, the website atmosphere is really difficult to tell clearly, in short, members are very happy to go to SNS website, and will be proud of the website. At present, some SNS website positioning is a bit strange, for example,, are some children in it, most white-collar refused to go, why? If you say you are a 51 member, you are a child or a boring person in other people's eyes. For example, the vagrant group mainly focuses on emotional and music exchanges, radio and magazines as its characteristics, and entertainment and leisure as the auxiliary, and the people who drift outside have a good communication platform.

7. Soft text marketing promotion

Promotion of soft text; As the name implies, it is a "text advertisement" written by the marketing planner or the copywriter of the advertising company, compared with the hard advertisement. Compared with hard advertisement, the reason why soft text is called soft language is that it is a word "soft", which is like a long collection of needles, which is not exposed and can overcome the enemy invisible. When you find it a soft article, you have fallen into the trap of "soft text advertising" that has been carefully designed. It pursues a kind of effect of spreading rain and moistening things silently. If hard advertising is the Shaolin Kung Fu of foreign countries; Then, soft text is Mianli Tibetan needle, with soft boxing, soft and hard, both internal and external, is the most powerful marketing means. Soft text should have certain knowledge, language control ability and close to the language of the times in progress. According to the survey of Bai Yi's soft writing, a lot of soft writers are grassroots writers. They have their own fixed occupation. Soft writing is a hobby for them. The increase of grass-roots writers also provides a very wonderful content for soft writing. After all, it is a diversified society. Soft text, not only requires language control ability, but also requires a certain social experience.

8. News media promotion

Media promotion is a relatively complex business model involving cross industry operation“ Media cooperation is an extension of marketing, which makes users more able to access the full information of SMS products, which can play a positive role in brand and development of users.

When it comes to media promotion, it is a way to promote the new media, which is very popular recently, that is, wechat, microblog, forum and other media.

9. Forum promotion

Forum promotion is "using the forum as a platform for network communication, publishing the information of products and services of enterprises through words, pictures, videos, etc., so as to make the target customers more deeply understand the products and services of the enterprise, and finally achieve the network marketing activities that publicize the brand of the enterprise and deepen the market awareness", and can help enterprises cultivate customer loyalty, Timely and effective two-way information communication, this is the Forum promotion.

Forum promotion is a form of Internet at the beginning of its birth. After years of baptism, forum as a network platform has not disappeared, but it has become more and more vigorous. In fact, people have already started to use the forum to carry out various business marketing activities. When the forum became a new media forum, there were some information about enterprise products released by enterprises in the forum. In fact, it is also a simple way to promote the forum.

Forum promotion can be the main channel to support the promotion of the whole website, especially at the beginning of the website, it is a good promotion method. With the super popularity of the forum, Forum promotion is to take the forum as the media, participate in the forum discussion, establish its own popularity and authority, and promote its products or services with it. If it is used well, Forum promotion can be a very effective means of network marketing.

10. Post Bar promotion

The promotion of post bar is a social marketing product based on Baidu Bar launched in 2012. With the help of Baidu Bar strong community platform, the promotion of post bar can meet the needs of community marketing and brand promotion of advertisers, which is an important component of Baidu community marketing products. The promotion of post bar is to distribute the advertisers' marketing activities to the relevant bar accurately through the soft implant of various interactive styles, so as to achieve the goal of community marketing. At the same time, the promotion of post bar can also provide the brand community of the bar for advertisers in the bar, timely release the official information of the brand, and interact with the brand audience in depth to meet the marketing needs of the advertisers.

11. Video promotion

With the further development of network media, the growth of video website shows the coming of a new era. The development of video website is the aggregation of various information content to meet the needs of various levels of Internet users. Next, it is the community atmosphere, personalized needs to meet. In addition, the guarantee of technology follow-up and the corresponding system supply of the state is also increasingly emphasized. The rapid development of network media has been spreading and affecting the corresponding extended media. Media relies on the network as a fast and convenient means to constantly develop itself. Video websites gradually expand themselves by using the convenience, commonality and speediness of network media, Many Internet media, especially video sites, have sprung up. The common video websites are Youku, Sohu Video, Tencent video, LETV, 56 video network, cool 6 network, iqiyi, Phoenix video, potatoes, etc.

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