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Monday, June 21, 2021

Why do you want to do network marketing?

Why do you want to do network marketing?

What means does network marketing have, how does mother and baby goods industry do?

Network marketing means

1. network brand. One of the important tasks of network marketing is to establish and promote the brand of enterprises on the Internet, and to extend and expand the offline brands of enterprises on the Internet. Network marketing provides favorable conditions for enterprises to establish brand image by using Internet. Both large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises can display brand image in a way suitable for their own enterprises. The construction of network brand is based on the construction of enterprise website, and through a series of promotion measures, it can achieve the recognition and recognition of customers and the public to the enterprise. Network brand value is one of the manifestations of the effect of network marketing. It can achieve lasting customer relationship and more direct benefits through the value transformation of network brand.

2. website promotion. The necessary access is the basis for the success of network marketing. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, due to the limited management resources, there are less opportunities for publishing news, advertising and carrying out large-scale promotion activities. Therefore, the meaning of website promotion through Internet means is more important, which is also the main reason for SMEs to be more keen on network marketing. Even for large enterprises, website promotion is very necessary. In fact, many large enterprises have high visibility, but the number of website visits is not high. Therefore, website promotion is one of the most basic functions of network marketing and the basic work of network marketing.

3. information release. The basic idea of network marketing is to pass the marketing information to target users, partners, public and other groups by various Internet means. Therefore, information release becomes one of the basic functions of network marketing. Internet creates superior conditions for enterprises to publish information, not only can information be published on enterprise website, but also can use various network marketing tools and network service providers' information release channels to spread information to a wider range.

4. sales promotion. The basic purpose of marketing is to provide support for the final increase of sales. Network marketing is no exception. Most of the online marketing methods have the effect of promoting sales directly or indirectly, and there are also many targeted online promotion methods. These promotion methods are not limited to the support of online sales. In fact, online marketing is also valuable for promoting offline sales, That is why some enterprises without online sales business need to carry out online marketing.

5. online sales. Online sales is the extension of enterprise sales channels on the Internet. An enterprise website with online trading function is an online trading place. The construction of online sales channel is not limited to the enterprise website itself, but also includes online shops built on professional e-commerce platforms, and different forms of cooperation with other e-commerce websites, Therefore, online sales is not only a large enterprise can be carried out, but enterprises of different sizes may have online sales channels suitable for their own needs.

6. customer service. Internet provides more convenient online customer service means, from the simplest form of FAQ (FAQ), to e-mail, mailing list, online forum and various instant information services, etc., online customer service has the advantages of low cost and high efficiency, and plays an important role in improving the level of customer service, At the same time, it also directly affects the effect of network marketing, so online customer service has become the basic content of network marketing.

7. customer relationship. Customer relationship plays an important role in developing the long-term value of customers. The marketing mode with customer relationship as the core has become an important strategy for enterprises to create and maintain competitive advantages. Online marketing provides more effective means for establishing customer relationship, improving customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Through the interaction of online marketing and good customer service means, the network marketing is a key strategy for enterprises to create and maintain competitive advantage, It is necessary for network marketing to improve customer relationship to achieve long-term effect.

8. online research. Online market research has the characteristics of short investigation cycle and low cost. Online research not only provides support for the development of online marketing strategy, but also one of the auxiliary means of the whole market research activities. Reasonable use of online market research means is of great value to marketing strategy. Online market research has the same status as other functions of network marketing, which can be carried out on the basis of the support of other functions, and can be carried out relatively independently. The results of online research can in turn provide support for other functions to play better.

Mother and baby products industry

1、 Make clear positioning

The clear positioning includes the positioning of the target customer group, the positioning of core products, and the positioning of key words.

1. Target customer group

First, we should make clear why I want to be a mother and baby industry. After this answer is determined, we should know exactly which consumer groups the enterprise is facing, that is, our target customers, which age group they belong to, whether they are employed or unemployed, What their common hobbies are and other relevant information are all needed to be clarified by the enterprise through investigation and analysis. Learn to give up and know how to choose.

2. Positioning of core products

What is the core product? Any product is made up of three layers, the core product is the inside, the second is peripheral product, and the third layer is the extension product. Core products are the basic utility or benefits of products provided by customers, that is, the interests that customers really want to buy. In short, they are the use value of products. For example, for washing machines, consumers want to buy "convenient, fast and clean". For cinema, consumers want to buy entertainment. For mother and baby stores, what consumers need is practical, nursing and reassuring.

As a mother and child entrepreneur, we should know what their core products are, what can they provide for their target customer groups, and can help mothers clean easily? Or can you help mothers provide practical diapers?

3. Positioning of key words

The keyword here refers to the text in the search box. The keyword is not necessarily a word, it can be input one, or two, three, four, or even a word, and it is a keyword. The key point, and the place that entrepreneurs need to think about, is what words or sentences my customers will use to search for my products and actively find themselves. Keyword search is one of the main methods of Internet search index, so entrepreneurs should determine their own keywords from the perspective of customers.

2、 Build a marketing website

To build a website is not to make others look beautiful, on the contrary, it should be to enrich the content constantly.

When many enterprise websites are building websites, considering the beautification, they add many dynamic things on the website, such as video, dynamic pictures, etc. Although the effect is really beautiful, it takes consumers a lot of time, because the beautiful and colorful effects slow down the speed of the web page, according to analysis, Consumers haven't seen what they want in 30 seconds, and they will click the fork in the upper right corner of the page and leave forever. Let alone, the web page has not been completely presented in front of the consumers in 30 seconds.

When building marketing websites, enterprises should not only fully prepare the relevant materials of the enterprise, but also plan and layout their own websites. They should do well the content layout of the website from three aspects of the communication power, influence and conversion power of the website, and enrich the content as much as possible.

3、 The promotion of viral marketing

There are many ways to promote and promote products. The key is to have a suitable channel for yourself. Mother and baby products should be known to more people, and it is believed that it can play a most important role in the way of viral marketing.

Viral marketing is a common network marketing method, which is often used for website promotion and brand promotion. Viral marketing uses the principle of Hukou stele communication. On the Internet, this "word of mouth communication" is more convenient and can spread rapidly like virus. Because this viral marketing has become an efficient information dissemination method, and, Because this kind of communication is spontaneous among users, it is almost a non cost means of network marketing. So how should mother and infant enterprises use viral marketing? First, you should choose a virus that matches the mother's characteristics:

For communicators:

She should know what the virus is soon;

2. it is clear that spreading the virus can bring benefits to itself;

3. the benefits of spreading the virus outweigh efforts.

For the recipient:

1. after the first hearing, I feel valuable to further understand the virus;

2. master the basic knowledge necessary for the virus, and be able to quickly understand and understand the fun of the virus;

3. have enough trust or respect for the virus communicators, so they feel it worth taking time.

Next, we need to determine the transmission body of the virus. According to the characteristics of the users of mothers, we can spread the virus through the following ways:

1. IM tools

IM tools are the most convenient and easy to obtain transmission path, a good idea a good virus can be spread in the QQ, MSN, QQ groups of mothers very quickly.


Email is a kind of network service that mothers use more frequently. It can provide a new way for virus transmission by email to invite registration and push accurate messages.

3. mother and child Forum

Mother and child forum is the communication place of mothers. It is a common way to find corresponding forum for many topics.

4. mom blog

Blog has been a relatively popular service, mothers like to record the growth of babies in their personal blog, obviously mother blog is also a way of virus transmission.

4、 Careful operation

A successful enterprise website needs to be treated by someone with a heart. Including the content of the website update, analysis of customer needs and purchase, clear the website development plan, team task allocation, etc.

There is a complete team to facilitate the normal operation of the site. The complete team includes promotion personnel, SEO Commissioner, copywriting, art, planning, customer service, etc., which is a systematic and perfect team, which is specially responsible for the operation of the website. In this way, the work content of each employee is very clear. Who is responsible for promotion and who is responsible for planning, besides, it can also have a systematic performance appraisal, Check and supervise the work according to the work of each employee. I hope the above information can help you. We hope to adopt it

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