Friday, June 4, 2021

Will network marketing completely replace traditional marketing?

Will network marketing completely replace traditional marketing?

Network marketing and traditional marketing are both ways of marketing. It is impossible for network marketing to completely replace traditional marketing. This problem should be analyzed from network marketing and traditional advantages and disadvantages

Network marketing advantages:

Information release is fast and extensive, realizing global resource sharing.

Consumers have more choices.

Stay at home to achieve online shopping.

It is easier to adopt direct selling mode, with less channel links and more price advantages.

Traditional marketing advantages:

Marketing mode is more in line with the consumption habits of different regions and different consumer groups;

Products can be more intuitive and specific exhibition in front of consumers, and for choice;

Through layer upon layer distribution, a broader terminal network will be formed, which will be spread all over the door of thousands of households. Goods can be bought at any time and at any time;

Centralized purchase, centralized sales, logistics costs greatly reduced.

Note: with the development of technology, the Internet is also improving its own shortcomings. Network marketing and traditional marketing promote and complement each other. Enterprises should integrate network marketing and traditional marketing strategies according to their business objectives and market segments, so as to achieve the best marketing objectives at the lowest cost.

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