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Thursday, July 1, 2021

e-commerce and network marketing are two different concepts that have both connection and difference

In real life, many people confuse online marketing with e-commerce. In fact, e-commerce and network marketing are two different concepts that have both connection and difference. E-commerce refers to various business activities carried out by using the Internet, and it is a broader concept. The whole process e-commerce must solve the technical, security and legal problems related to electronic payment technology, and also have the support of efficient and low-cost logistics distribution system. The development of network marketing does not require all of these problems to be solved. It can only take the Internet as a new and efficient media. Once the time is ripe, it can be integrated with e-commerce.

E-commerce includes network marketing, without network marketing, there will be no customers, no transactions without customers, and no e-commerce. Therefore, network marketing is an important part of e-commerce. From this point, it is not only business website needs network marketing, any use of the network to engage in certain activities need network marketing, through network marketing to improve the popularity and reputation of the website. On the other hand, network marketing does not exclude traditional marketing methods. It is an important marketing strategy for many websites to absorb customers to the Internet and attract their own websites through traditional marketing methods.

Secondly, traditional business can also use the network as a new marketing means to make customers better understand the enterprise and improve the customers' recognition, preference and loyalty to the enterprise. As a new marketing tool, the network has obvious advantages over traditional marketing methods, mainly manifested as interactive. Customers can actively demand advertising and communicate directly with technical personnel or marketing personnel of the enterprise, which is both timely and timely, targeted and universal.

So network marketing refers to how to effectively use the network as a modern information tool to achieve the business objectives of various activities, it is applied to both e-commerce and traditional business. The current marketing tools available on the Internet include: network market survey, online advertising, enterprise website, network forum, electronic bulletin board, hyperlink, e-mail, search engine, etc. Of course, network marketing is just in the initial stage. The problems of which tools can be used as network marketing means and how to combine these means need to be made by the theoretical and enterprise circles.

Therefore, network marketing and e-commerce are two different concepts, methods and activities that are interrelated. Network marketing serves both e-commerce and traditional business. Network marketing relies on e-commerce and independent of e-commerce

Network marketing is to take the Internet as the media, implement marketing activities in new ways, methods and concepts, and create the value of SA Pai, communicate and transmit value more effectively, so as to realize the functions of organization and related interests. network marketing

Network marketing was born in the 1990s, and developed from the end of the 20th century to now. The background of the emergence and development of network marketing mainly includes three aspects: the development of network information technology, the change of consumer values and the fierce business competition.

Network marketing is a new marketing mode which takes Internet as media, new ways, methods and ideas, and through a series of attractive network marketing planning, formulation and implementation of marketing activities, which can more effectively promote the realization of individual and organizational transaction activities. It is an integral part of the overall marketing strategy of an enterprise, and it is a variety of activities to achieve the overall or partial business objectives of the enterprise, and to create the online business environment by the Internet as the basic means.

The synonyms of the concept of network marketing include: online marketing, Internet marketing, online marketing, Internet marketing, reputation marketing, video marketing, network event marketing, social media marketing, microblog marketing, blog marketing, etc. These words all mean the same meaning. Generally speaking, Internet marketing is a marketing activity carried out by Internet as the main means.

Definition of Electronic Commerce: e-commerce is to realize the electronic, digital and network in the whole business process by using computer technology, network technology and remote communication technology

In a broad sense, the term e-commerce comes from electronic business, which refers to the business and trade activities carried out by using simple, fast and low-cost methods without the buyer and the seller meeting each other.

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