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Monday, July 19, 2021

E-commerce is a new interdisciplinary subject integrating computer science, marketing, management, law and modern logistics.

E-commerce is a new interdisciplinary subject integrating computer science, marketing, management, law and modern logistics. Cultivate innovative and compound e-commerce senior professionals who master the basic theories and knowledge of computer information technology, marketing, international trade, management, law and modern logistics, have the ability to carry out business activities by using the network, improve enterprise management methods by using computer information technology and modern logistics methods, and improve enterprise management level. At present, the major has two professional directions: website design and program direction, network marketing editing direction.

Main courses: principles of computer network, introduction to e-commerce, basis and practice of E-marketing, e-commerce and international trade, e-commerce letter writing, e-commerce marketing writing practice, marketing planning, webpage color matching, webpage design, web standard and website reconstruction, flashaction script animation design, UI design, e-commerce website construction Basic skills of e-commerce management practice, ERP and customer relationship management, e-commerce logistics management, e-commerce professional English, news gathering, writing and editing.

After graduation, students can be engaged in web page design, website construction and maintenance of enterprises and institutions, or network editing, website content maintenance and network marketing (including international trade), marketing planning of enterprise goods and services, or engaged in customer relationship management, e-commerce project management, planning and operation of e-commerce activities E-commerce system development and maintenance, and engaged in E-commerce Teaching in schools at all levels. Junior college students can also be engaged in telemarketing in the call center. Online marketing (on-line marketing or e-marketing) is a new marketing method based on the Internet, which uses the interaction of digital information and network media to assist the realization of marketing objectives. Weber believes that the most intuitive understanding of E-marketing is a series of enterprise activities which are customer-centered, network oriented and carried out for the purpose of enterprise.

1. Network marketing in a broad sense

Synonyms of network marketing include: online marketing, Internet marketing, online marketing, online marketing, etc. These words all have the same meaning. Generally speaking, network marketing is a marketing activity with Internet as the main means.

Network marketing has strong practical characteristics. It is more practical to find the general methods and rules of network marketing than empty theoretical discussion. Therefore, how to define network marketing is not the most important. The key is to understand the real meaning and purpose of network marketing, that is, to fully understand the new marketing environment of Internet, and to use various Internet tools to provide effective support for enterprise marketing activities. This is also the reason why we must pay attention to the practical methods of network marketing in the research of network marketing.

2. Narrow sense of network marketing

In a narrow sense, network marketing refers to a series of business activities that organizations or individuals do for products and services based on the open and convenient Internet, so as to meet the needs of organizations or individuals. Network marketing is a new business marketing mode.

3. Popular definition of network marketing: marketing activities carried out by means of the Internet, that is, activities that use the Internet as a tool to create a sales atmosphere.

Network marketing is not online sales: sales is the product of marketing to a certain stage, sales is the result, and marketing is the process; The promotion means of network marketing not only rely on the Internet, but also traditional TV, outdoor advertising and leaflets. Yu Han believes that network marketing is not limited to the Internet: a complete network marketing program, in addition to online promotion, it is necessary to use traditional methods for offline promotion. This can be understood as marketing about network marketing itself, just like advertising about advertising.

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