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Monday, July 19, 2021

I summarized the following can do - network marketing platform:

I summarized the following can do - network marketing platform:

1. Microblog marketing

Even if there is no special microblog operation, we can call on the whole team to do one thing, that is, to quantitatively search for relevant keywords every day. For example, search the key word of mask, review forwarding (not directly advertising), if it is administrative micro blog, can interact with each other best, if not, direct praise. If you use a matrix, you can use other numbers to comment on it. Accurate crowd, show to achieve, the purpose of basic marketing will also be achieved.

Other methods, if not strong creativity, strong implementation, that is strong investment, so first adhere to these two free methods, use familiar microblog before considering other methods.

2. Spread of QQ space virus

QQ itself is a very powerful marketing tool, can also be used as CRM management media, but the executive variables are very large, massive account information implanted in advertising, QQ group, QQ email group, these are special industries like, but there are many disadvantages, I will not repeat them. What Shiji recommends more is QQ space.

The users of QQ space are mainly students and middle-aged and elderly people. People who often use QQ space must have seen the necessities for children, school driving, and other kinds of people, and for various purposes. The virus transmission rate of such posts is very high, and the writing difficulty is not big: there are insider stories, testimonies, numbers, emotions, stories, and words are colloquial. The same is true for other methods. Remember the scale between spam and virus spread: value, interest, sex appeal.

3. Residual value of wechat

Wechat marketing has more paradoxes than microblog marketing, and Tencent and Lu Shu seem to be too cautious about wechat. These still don't have a big impact on us. Taobao sealed the wechat entrance, which many people think is a bad thing. Shiji thinks it is actually a good thing for e-commerce, because all Taobao systems can't use wechat, and they don't need to spare energy to operate.

Wechat free marketing channel, the rest of the way and QQ space is the same, grasp the scale between spam and virus spread. With a little hand to carry out, there is no need to bother.

4. QQ drifting bottle

QQ family is a neglected free marketing medium: the drifting bottle of QQ mailbox.

The opening rate of drifting bottles will not be very high, and the crowd is more in line with the word "loser". For some categories, the adaptability is relatively strong.

There are several types of drifting bottles, in addition to directional bottles (suitable for so-called o2o, also suitable for market concentration), others

There is little difference between the two types.

Drifting bottles can be delivered to multiple people at the same time, and pictures and audio can be added. Aiming at the extremely boring mentality of users, it is the best way to arouse their curiosity. So don't advertise directly, try not to add links, just a humorous, cute, provocative, communicative slogan that can point out the core value of the product.

5. Baidu Encyclopedia, search Encyclopedia

Baidu also has its way in free marketing media, and Baidu Encyclopedia is the first to bear the brunt. Naturally, Tencent's search encyclopedia is indispensable. In addition to the different weight of two different search engines, the crowd is also different. The same is true for other encyclopedias. They have no energy and can give up other encyclopedias.

The biggest significance of encyclopedia lies in search engine Excellence (SEO), that is, the occupation of keywords. For the public, it plays the role of a third-party discourse operated by itself. But don't be too boastful and exaggerated.

Encyclopedia is manually audited, so it is difficult to pass. The effective way is to use the reference materials appropriately, and the reference materials are also the only way to realize the link outside the encyclopedia website. If the whole network is a whole strategy system, then the role of encyclopedia will be enlarged.

6. Baidu Library, Douding

Baidu's free media is the most important SEO for Baidu search, library is also an effective path.

Baidu Library, Douding and so on, in order to avoid advertising, also have audit, so the content should pay attention to.

There are many directions in the form and content of the library

For example, direct: brand origin, product album, etc;

Another example is indirect: knowledge of clothing fabrics, etc;

Another example is divergent: you can send out model pictures from the perspective of portrait photography, and so on.

7. Zhihu, Baidu knows, search and ask

For Q & a media, there has always been a misunderstanding: let people Q & A = word-of-mouth, I will try my best to send and blow. Not really. Word of mouth is made up, not made up.

There are two kinds of Q & a media: authoritative, high weight. The former is like Zhihu, while the latter is like Baidu. Different attributes apply different strategies.

Compared with pretending to be true, it is better to answer professional questions with specific keywords honestly. Never treat the consumer as a fool, but treat yourself as a fool.

8. QQ group mail, group sharing

There are two ways to pay for mass mailing: professional companies and software. Of course, there are also free manual sending.

The arrival rate of manual sending is not a problem, and the effect is not a problem when using the group sending single display function.

QQ email is the best choice. You don't need to collect email everywhere. You can send mass email for the group where the QQ account is located. You will jump out of QQ consumption reminder. It's easier to implement.

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