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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Internet Marketing Tips

Internet Marketing Tips

Every time there are all kinds of Internet Celebrities sharing products, operations, markets and other dry goods, there must be all kinds of audience asking "how to promote the initial stage of a start-up company". This question must be bothering many entrepreneurs. At the initial stage of a start-up, everyone has all kinds of channels to seek, but how many channels are really suitable for us? At present, I am also responsible for marketing in a start-up company. I know that promotion is not easy. During this period, I have found some good channels and encountered many pitfalls. I have accumulated some channels and methods suitable for the initial promotion of start-up companies. Here I share them with you. More promotional exchanges

1. First round

For start-ups, launch is definitely the most cost-effective promotion method. At present, the mainstream app stores in China support launch applications except Peapod, and all of them are free of charge. The launch data of 360 mobile assistant, Alipay, baidu mobile assistant, Xiaomi, Meizu, Huawei and oppo are very good. In addition, Lenovo store, Weibo application center, baidu mobile assistant, Xiaomi, Meizu, Huawei and oppo are all very good Sogou mobile assistant, 91, Anzhi and other markets also have initial applications, but compared with the previous several markets, the data will be weaker. The initial application should be started one week in advance. The initial applications of 360, APP treasure, Huawei, Lenovo store, and Anzhi are applied in the developer's background. The initial applications of other markets need to be applied through e-mail. The developer center of each market will have detailed documents.

At present, the launch is divided into new product launch and update launch. New product launch means that the product has not been launched in any Android channel. At this time, it is suggested to apply for the launch in several major markets, such as 360, appbo, Xiaomi and Baidu. For new product launch, the threshold of each market will be relatively low; In order to improve the passing probability, you can apply for more first releases in several markets.

2. Subject application

In addition to the first launch, each app store also has the free resource of special application. At present, Meizu, Xiaomi, Huawei, Sogou mobile assistant and Lenovo store have special applications every week. The topics of Meizu, Xiaomi and Sogou mobile assistant are all applied in the developer forum. They will be announced in the developer QQ group every week in advance, while those of Huawei and Lenovo store are applied in the developer background. Topics generally focus on the quality of the product and the fit with the topic. If we learn from the weak, we will become the weak. If we learn from the strong, we can become the strong. So what kind of people you follow determines your direction in this industry. You can add this skirt, one five three in the front, six five nine in the middle and nine three four in the back. Now there are many online tutorials in this area, but many of them are out of date, because the Internet is constantly changing, which is also to avoid people learning wrong and out of date knowledge

3. New product self recommendation

The third free resource of the app store is new product self recommendation. Meizu, Xiaomi, 360 and Huawei all have new product self recommendation applications, which can be applied for many times if they can't apply at one time. In fact, the editors of oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei and so on will also choose products with better quality to give certain recommendation positions, and the position is generally quite good, and the effect is very obvious.

In addition, the most beautiful application and demo8 also have product recommendation modules, which can be applied as long as the product is unique and interesting.

4. Wechat / microblog mutual push

Basically, many entrepreneurial teams have their own microblog and wechat, or other online media resources, and can try to push each other with other brands. At present, there are also such QQ groups, which can directly find mutual push partners in such groups. After all, mutual push is free, and continuous accumulation can bring a certain amount.

5. Vertical media contribution

Vertical media contribution is more inclined to PR, but the effect of a big vertical media recommendation is very good, especially for more insiders and investors. At present, 36kr, Huchou, lieyun and chuangbang can submit articles or apply for project reports independently. In order to increase the reporting probability, you can also find friends to introduce the editors of these media.


The above is a common free resource in the current market, which is fair to every developer and has a good chance to get. Some of the following methods are payment methods, some of which will involve certain data confidentiality, so it is not necessary to make the data completely public. If you are interested, it is good to communicate in private.


6. Brush the list

The Android Market has a long history of swiping the list. In the past 12 or 13 years, the effect of swiping the list is very significant, but now the effect of swiping the list has weakened a lot. At present, there are some companies that can make classified lists of 91, Android, 360, Xiaomi and oppo. Compared with other channels, currently, list brushing is still a cost-effective way. However, 91 and Android have little to offer. If a list brushing company comes to you to brush these two markets, don't consider it. 360, Xiaomi, oppo and other markets still have good results, Basically, the cost of a single activation can be controlled at about 1 yuan, and it's a natural user in the application market, and it's still very cost-effective. However, the major markets have also strengthened the monitoring of the list, quantity and comments, and there are still some risks.

At present, there are many companies in Appstore that can make a list of categories, but the price is much higher. Basically, the top 100 categories are more than 10000. But in fact, the top 100 categories are about 100, and the natural activation of products that are not well-known or absorbed is about 1000-1500 every day. The cost is also very high, especially it is difficult to maintain the list, So the IOS side of the brush list, really rich people play.

7. Microblog celebrities

The first time to promote the popularity of microblog should be from January to November last year @ uncle Tongdao promoted his app with me. Through personal microblog alone, the activation in one month is close to 30W. After that, many apps began to try to promote microblog. The first form is microblog Jiugongge, which can be combined with nine apps to find some apps to introduce the type of microblog direct delivery (such as @ app bacteria), and then find some large forwarding (such as @ microblog funny ranking, @ British newspaper sister, etc.). At present, there are several apps that have achieved millions of activation through the initial promotion of microblog. In December of 2014, they broke the period of February of 2015. Basically, a single activation of products is less than 50 cents, and the better ones are only 2-30 cents. The general cost of a refund is 2-3K, but the activation is 4-5k. Products like tools, women and video reading can even be activated by 8-10k at a time, Moreover, the users brought by microblog promotion are all downloaded through the application market search, which directly drives the ranking of the application market. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long. After the fire of any channel, there will be all kinds of CP swarming in, and Weibo is not like that. With the rising prices of major bloggers, microblog officials have also strengthened the monitoring and shielding of such microblogs. At present, many bloggers can only take micro tasks. Meanwhile, fans' recognition of advertisements is also getting higher and higher. The popularity of microblog is also decreasing. At present, the effect of microblog is much lower. Although it is much lower, from the perspective of cost, It is still one of the most cost-effective payment channels.

8. Aso optimization

Aso is one of the popular promotion methods at present, but for the early start-up companies, we can try it, but don't invest too much energy. Of course, it's not that the effect is small, but that the cost of small CP is relatively high. Aso is mainly to improve the ranking of its app under various keywords, but the current hot keywords are basically rich local tyrants. For a simple example, for a social product, if you want users to search "Momo" and find their own app, it's very high if you can rank in the second to fifth place of Momo. But for an ordinary social product, if you want to find a company specializing in Aso, the cost is at least 2W, and it's still charged by the day, But what percentage of users who actually search Momo every day will slide down to download our app? In addition to keyword ranking, there is another kind of ASO that does hot search. At present, the price of hot search is about 3-4w. It's good for products with high volume, but for products with low popularity, don't consider it at the initial stage.

In fact, the click and download of a keyword is very helpful for Aso, so entrepreneurs can also choose some niche words by themselves, do their own optimization, and improve the ranking.

9. Change quantity

Changing quantity is a more conventional promotion method at present. It's a large amount for so many products to exchange a little for each other. Entrepreneurs can find their own products that meet the target group to change volume, or they can access 360 and other platforms to join the volume changing alliance. Some entrepreneurs may feel that their products are too small, so they can take the route of encircling Wei and rescuing Zhao. For example, product a can bring us 1W quantity, but we can only bring 3000 quantity to product A. then you can find other channels to buy the remaining 7000 quantity, so as to achieve the one-to-one demand.

In addition, there is a wild way. Many large apps have built-in application recommendation bits. You can find your friends in charge of these companies to buy such recommendation bits. This will bring good user quality, and there will be certain discounts (you can understand the specific ways to avoid causing unnecessary trouble).

10. Vertical Forum

Large vertical forum currently retains a certain amount of traffic and users, and the user activity is high, which is a good channel for entrepreneurs in the early stage. For example, Douban group, post bar, etc. can send private messages to the group leader, bar owner, etc. It's OK to top posts or do activities, and the cost is not high, but the number of users will not be particularly large.

11. Online Alliance / advertising platform

Wangmeng is a mixed channel, such as integral wall, lock screen, silent channel, push, plug screen, market recommendation, etc. the amount of market recommendation is small, but the quality of users is good. It can be considered in the initial stage of entrepreneurship. There are many other channels, but the quality of users is low. In order to complete the KPI, many companies will come to this step. For the general online alliance, one is activated at about 1.5, and the other is registered at about 2.5. There are many channels to promote QQ group, which can be added (QQ group searches the Internet, mobile Internet, Internet commerce and other keywords), and there are also channel websites, such as CPA home, which can send messages on them. Basically, dozens of them will contact you every day, and you can choose the best.

Youmi, Baidu alliance and Google Adsense are also well-known online alliances at present, but most of them are charged by click. In the early stage of entrepreneurship, it's better to pay by CPA.

I generally refer to the advertising platform or the super high products of daily life, such as Tencent's guangdiantong, Weibo's Fantong, and today's headline advertising system. Now Momo has also set up an advertising system, and the cost of this kind will be slightly higher than the previous several.

12. Push on campus

Campus to push by many people said rotten, but many did not talk about the essence of how to promote at a lower price. There are two ways to push. One is to publicize in schools. The good point is roadshow. This kind of promotion requires venues. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the venue fee for a day is 2-3K, and the registration amount for a roadshow is only two or three hundred. The cost is relatively high, but the brand promotion is good. At least half of the schools know you. The other is to sweep the building, that is, to find students and associations, let them directly pull people to download and register, or enter the dormitory classroom publicity. Beijing and Shanghai have reached more than 6 yuan, so it is not recommended to do it. However, in other second tier cities, the cost of this kind of products can still be controlled at 4-4.5 yuan, a real registration. The simplest way is to find a few students to sweep the building part-time, go to the boys' dormitory and download one to send a bottle of coke or instant noodles (the cost is only 2 yuan). In this way, more than 60% of the boys will download it. If a person sweeps several buildings every day, there will be hundreds of registrations. To give this part-time person 150 a day, but he must sweep two buildings, at least 100 people will download it, In this way, the cost will not be very high, and the overall registration is between 3.5 and 4.5. Other campus cooperation, such as club sponsorship, can not be considered for the time being. It's better to send out leaflets. The printing fee for 1000 leaflets (color A5, double-sided) is 60 yuan, and the distribution fee is 80 yuan. The design of leaflets is better, and the effect is good.

In addition to these 12 promotion channels, there are some good means, but some of them are gray means. The cost performance of these means is very good, but it is not convenient to explain them publicly here. Of course, there are also some other means of promotion, such as the application market can also be put in, and the search platform can also be used for advertising, but it is no doubt not particularly suitable for the initial stage of our business; Even the above methods are not necessarily suitable for every product. All good channels are tried out. If you do more and spend more, you will know more.

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