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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Is e-commerce and network marketing the same thing

Is e-commerce and network marketing the same thing

1. The meaning is different

Network marketing is an integral part of an enterprise's overall marketing strategy. Network marketing is carried out to achieve the enterprise's overall business objectives. It is a broad term for various activities that use the Internet as the basic means to create an online business environment. From the current commercial point of view, network marketing covers more broadly the concept of network products and Internet delivery.

E-commerce is a business activity with information network technology as the means and commodity exchange as the center; It can also be understood as the activities of trading activities and related services in the form of electronic transactions on the Internet, intranet and value-added network, which is the electronization, networking and informatization of all aspects of traditional business activities; The commercial activities with the Internet as the medium belong to the category of e-commerce.

2. Different characteristics

E-commerce is the direct product of the explosive development of the Internet and the new development direction of network technology application. The Internet itself has the characteristics of openness, globality, low cost and high efficiency.

The characteristics of network marketing: it has distinct theory; The globalization of the market; The integration of resources; Obvious economy; The impact of the market.

3. Different purposes

The purpose of network marketing is to publicize enterprise brand, attract new customers, increase customer stickiness, improve conversion rate, increase exposure rate, and clearly understand network marketing.

Through the use of Internet and other electronic tools, e-commerce enables companies, suppliers, customers and partners to share information through electronic business, realizes the electronization of business processes among enterprises, and improves the efficiency of production, inventory, circulation, capital and other aspects of enterprises in cooperation with the internal electronic production management system.

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