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Sunday, July 4, 2021

Is Internet marketing illegal?

Is Internet marketing illegal?

Of course not! You have to see clearly! Network marketing is the use of the Internet as a means to achieve the purpose of marketing. Network marketing contains a wide range of contents, including: online market research, online consumer behavior analysis, online marketing strategy formulation, online product and service strategy, online price marketing strategy, online channel selection and direct sales, online promotion and online advertising, online marketing management and control, etc. Like many emerging disciplines, "network marketing" also does not have a recognized and perfect definition. In a broad sense, all the marketing activities that take the Internet as the main means to achieve a certain marketing goal can be called network marketing (or online marketing). In other words, network marketing runs through the whole process of enterprise's online operation, including information release, information collection, and e-commerce based on online transactions, Network marketing has always been an important content. For the understanding of network marketing, some scholars or network marketing practitioners often focus on some different aspects of network marketing research and understanding: some focus on the technical means of network itself; Some pay attention to the promotion skills of the website; Some people equate network marketing with online direct selling; There are also some new e-commerce enterprises' online sales mode is also included in the scope of network marketing... About the theory and method of network marketing, some monographs have been published in China, and many articles have been published in professional newspapers. More information appears on the Internet related websites. A comprehensive view of the existing views has not formed a complete system. In the face of a lot of information, it gives people the feeling of seeing only trees but not forests. In order to understand the whole picture of network marketing, it is necessary to give a more reasonable definition for network marketing. From the perspective of "marketing", network marketing is defined as: network marketing is an integral part of the enterprise's overall marketing strategy, which is a marketing means based on the Internet and with the help of Internet characteristics to achieve certain marketing goals.

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