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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Job responsibilities of network marketing specialist

Job responsibilities of network marketing specialist

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Position: Investment Promotion Specialist (online marketing department)

Department: Investment Promotion Department

Superior: Investment Manager


1. Under the leadership of investment manager, responsible for market development, customer maintenance and customer file management of network market;

2. Responsible for the establishment and implementation of online market price plan, and timely report the market feedback to the sales manager; Do a good job of monthly network sales statistics, give reasonable suggestions for problems.

3. Be responsible for receiving and recording online customer complaints and suggestions, and submit written reports of online customer complaints and suggestions to sales manager in time;

4. Ensure that there are new cooperative network companies and sign network cooperation agreement every month; Visit the cooperative travel agency regularly to maintain the relationship

5. Responsible for the hotel website information input and update work, timely reply to guests online questions and reservations;

6. Responsible for the overall maintenance, management and promotion of the hotel website, and timely submit the analysis report of the hotel website operation to the sales manager;

7. Be responsible for the advertising planning, delivery and tracking of the network market, and submit the perfect advertising plan to the marketing director in time;

9. Responsible for the coordination and communication with the front desk, finance, guest room and other related departments;

10. Do a good job in the market file establishment, pay attention to the organization and constantly update, and report to the manager regularly.

11. Assist the clerks to sort out the internal affairs of the sales office;

12. Be responsible for other work assigned by sales manager;


1. College degree or above. Major in marketing, advertising design and computer is preferred;

2. More than two years working experience in online sales;

3. Proficient in computer operation;

4. Good communication skills, good at observation, independent analysis, thinking and problem solving ability;

5. Optimistic and cheerful personality, can work under pressure

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