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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Market orientation of network marketing

Market orientation of network marketing

Without market positioning, marketing planning has no direction, and network marketing is also marketing. Therefore, marketing planning must be analyzed by market positioning.

At the beginning of its launch, in order to differentiate the market positioning, Wang Laoji repeatedly discussed between the market space expansion and the differentiated market segmentation, and finally established the market positioning of "prevent getting angry - drink Wang Laoji".

Because Wang Laoji was originally Guangdong herbal tea. As we all know, Guangdong is located in the tropics, so it is easy for people to get angry. Guangdong herbal tea is also a necessary daily drink for people in history. So why is it positioned to prevent fire? Not fire? There are a lot of marketing strategies here.

If we emphasize the concept of herbal tea, then we should reduce the fire when we get angry. Of course, if we drink herbal tea and drink Wang Laoji to reduce the fire, Wang Laoji will be associated with herbal tea, which can not reflect the differential positioning with other herbal teas. What's more, are there many people who get angry or worry about getting angry? Of course, there are fewer people who will eventually get angry and more people who are afraid of getting angry. Therefore, positioning in the scope of preventing getting angry will virtually expand the consumer group.

At the same time, herbal tea is Guangdong characteristic after all. If Wang Laoji emphasizes the concept of herbal tea, and the latter is related to herbal tea, the sales area will not cover the broad market of the whole country. Therefore, Wang Laoji's products are positioned not to emphasize herbal tea, but to emphasize the prevention of inflamed functional drinks, which meets the needs of people all over the country who are afraid of inflamed, expands the market space, and achieves good sales performance.

By Wang Laoji's product market positioning, we understand several key points

First, product market positioning is divided into functional positioning, consumer group positioning, emotional needs positioning, market regional positioning, differentiation positioning and so on.

Second, market positioning should consider market space (i.e. capacity), future scalability, time continuity, stability and other factors. Although it's easy to be associated with summer, Wang Laoji's advertising video is associated with the life element of hot pot. Then, eating hot pot is regardless of East, West, north, South, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Then, the market has the foundation of stability and time continuity.

Third, market positioning is the necessary premise of search engine keyword marketing. Why do you say that? Because, only when the market is positioned, can you design core keywords, auxiliary keywords and long tail keyword sentences for product functions. For example, Wang Laoji's online marketing keyword promotion can design these keywords:

Pay attention to prevent fire when eating hot pot

And so on, the main related, affiliated related, derived related search sentences are designed, you can find a lot of advertising information to promote copywriting material.

Fourth, market positioning needs price positioning. First of all, the design of a product's sales system must include the terminal sales price, the distribution price of all levels of channels, and the ex factory price system. We should not only consider the market consumer acceptance, but also consider the price competition factors, but also consider the standardization of the price system. Regional differentiation price positioning should prevent channel fleeing, and online and offline prices should design strategies to prevent conflicts, such as product differentiation strategy.

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