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Friday, July 2, 2021

Network marketing and e-commerce

Network marketing and e-commerce are well known, many people will understand that network marketing is selling things on the Internet, so what about e-commerce? That's selling things on the Internet, so why use two words to distinguish the same behavior? Let's talk about the differences between them.

network marketing

Network marketing is mainly done through various communication channels and methods on the Internet. Through brand communication and various advertisements on the Internet, the main purpose of network marketing is to bring users to a designated place and achieve the purpose of transformation through websites or certain platforms.

Electronic Commerce

The value of e-commerce is to let consumers shop and pay online through the Internet, which saves time and space for customers and enterprises, and greatly improves the transaction efficiency. Especially for busy office workers, it also saves a lot of valuable time. In the 21st century, with the diversification of consumer information, it has become a habit for consumers to understand the commodity information of local shopping malls and then enjoy online shopping.

For the traditional brand, e-commerce is undoubtedly a revolution, it means a new marketing method, new business form, which brings traditional enterprises a subversive reform.

The scope of network marketing and e-commerce is not the same. The main purpose of network marketing is to promote and transform users. E-commerce is not the same, it also needs publicity and promotion methods, but it is still involved in the scope of after-sales and delivery issues, not to say that network marketing does not involve after-sales, but network marketing and e-commerce are concerned about sending and after-sales attitude has exact difference. Network marketing focuses on the preparation before marketing. Network marketing will involve a lot of strategic or strategic issues. It can be said that it is the main process of facilitating a transaction. No matter whether a transaction is reached or not, it belongs to facilitating a transaction, so does e-commerce, but it is deeper than network marketing. It can be understood that network marketing is constantly promoting e-commerce transactions.

In recent years, e-commerce services have covered all aspects of the commercial economy: whether it is the manufacturing sector of the national economy, or the circulation sector of the service industry; No matter enterprise application, personal application, or government procurement. More and more large and small enterprises finally see the benefits of e-commerce. Whether it is to build an independent official e-commerce platform or to use e-commerce platform, the penetration rate of e-commerce will continue to grow at a high speed. With the gradual maturity of online payment and logistics distribution, e-commerce is bound to form a large-scale economy in the future. Through the practical combination with the real economy, it will inject power into the social and economic development, showing a trend of high popularization and normalization.

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