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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Network marketing mode adopted by VANCL:

Network marketing mode adopted by VANCL:

VANCL belongs to an online shopping mall. According to statistics, VANCL attaches great importance to the promotion on the Internet. The advertisements put on the internet account for more than 60% of all advertisements. The network marketing methods adopted can be divided into the following points:

1、 VANCL analyzed competitor data and launched its own advertising strategy

Put CPS ads on a number of online advertising alliances. CPS refers to the advertising expenses according to the sales commission. Many individual webmasters put their ads on the website.

Set up their own website alliance, let the majority of webmasters and store managers join, and commission the expenses according to the sales volume

The formula also belongs to CPS. In media selection, we should not only pay attention to the traffic brought, but also pay attention to the input-output ratio of advertising and sales.

VANCL has developed a set of ROI as the assessment standard, eliminated the fittest for portals, communities and CPS alliances, and customized a set of overall marketing strategy that fully conforms to VANCL, ensuring the steady and rapid growth of VANCL.

2、 Change the web design style of the website and pay attention to user traffic experience

With white as the background, the website looks clean and tidy, the product classification is clear, and the product pictures and product descriptions on the website are concise and clear.

The main content of the home page of the website is filled with pictures without more words, so that buyers can intuitively view the products they want to buy from the website. It feels like an open department store, which makes people feel very professional and energetic.

3、 The membership mechanism provides differentiated services and accurate marketing to improve customer loyalty

You can automatically become a member when you buy VANCL products without paying any membership fee and annual membership fee.

FANCL members can also receive DM magazine, which has become a link for information transmission and two-way communication between VANCL FANCL and its members.

The membership system greatly improves the sense of belonging of VANCL consumers and shortens the distance between VANCL and consumers.

Note: use Internet new media tools for effective marketing promotion. Analyzing consumers' mentality and interactive communication with consumers, improving shopping desire and helping brands condense the application of accurate user products are bound to be favored by businesses. Through effective network marketing, enterprises are bound to obtain higher input-output ratio than traditional marketing methods.

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