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Friday, July 16, 2021

Network marketing promotion form:

Network marketing promotion form:

Network marketing promotion can quickly occupy the market, enter people's psychology, seize the mind of consumers, not by accident, but the product of the development of the Internet.

Internet marketing has the following common forms:

1. Micro blog marketing

Micro blog marketing refers to the means of marketing by individuals or businesses through their own micro blog publicity. Relying on the more open platform characteristics of microblog, many enterprises and micro businesses will carry out marketing on microblog, combined with hot search, topic and other means, so that their products can be searched by more users.

2. Virus marketing

In fact, virus marketing is also a kind of word-of-mouth marketing, mainly for consumers to do product promotion marketing for their future consumers, which is a kind of self initiated fission marketing.

3. Short video marketing

With the rapid rise of short video apps such as fast hand and dither, short video marketing has become a new media marketing. Users and businesses carry out marketing by implanting product content in the video. Some users with a large number of fans and likes can also insert product links at the bottom of the video. Users can directly click and jump to the shopping website for purchase, which is very convenient. Enterprises can also pay for promotion and publicity directly. This kind of video is usually labeled as advertising video directly. Users can click the link in the video to jump to the website set by the enterprise.

4. Soft text marketing

The concept of soft text marketing is relative to hard advertising, which refers to marketing by writing some not too tough advertising copy. Usually, the first half of this kind of article is some hot topics or content of public interest, and the title will not show the specific product brand and content, but the article will smoothly and skillfully turn to the relevant advertising content. The public will not have strong resistance to this kind of advertising, but will increase the desire to buy because of touching the inner copy. So good soft text is very helpful for product transformation.

5. E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing refers to the marketing means through e-mail. Usually, enterprises will send marketing e-mail to subscribers, because subscribers are all purchased or registered users, so it has strong pertinence and good marketing effect.

6. Viral marketing

Viral marketing is the use of public enthusiasm and interpersonal network, so that marketing information spread and spread like a virus. Because it is carried out spontaneously by the public, there is almost no cost, so it is also the marketing method that most enterprises will choose.

The above are some common new media marketing methods. Although many of them look simple and have high conversion, each one needs rich knowledge, experience and careful planning.

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