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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Network marketing specialist's daily work

Network marketing specialist's daily work, to put it bluntly, is to carry out network promotion, which is mainly divided into two categories, one is website marketing, the other is business marketing.

First of all, website marketing is to make your website known and attract customers to visit your website. To do this step is not easy, the first step is to develop marketing programs, choose marketing tools. The marketing plan includes: your target customers (that is, who you want to let know about your website), expected goals, marketing methods, division of functions, capital budget, performance appraisal, etc. The second step is to carry out marketing promotion according to the marketing plan, and timely detect the marketing effect and adjust the marketing strategy. This is the detailed work. Taking search engine marketing as an example, search engine marketing is divided into two categories. One is charging, such as Baidu bidding ranking, Google Advertising and so on; The other is SEO, which is often mentioned by everyone. It uses some technical means to make customers search for certain keywords and make your website appear on the front page of the search results. This is a technical job. You can learn and think about it slowly. Of course, there are other marketing methods, such as soft text marketing, microblog marketing and so on, which will not be repeated here.

The second is business marketing, which attracts customers to your website through website marketing. Of course, this is not the ultimate goal. Your ultimate goal is to complete the transformation from flow to order, that is to complete the transaction through business marketing of your website. The general practice is to carry out theme activities. For example, on the women's day of March 8, you are a website selling department stores. When customers visit your website, you should plan some activities according to the festival, such as 100 packages of mail, 150 packages of exquisite gifts, 50% discount of all women's products, lucky draw and so on. Of course, not all websites sell things. For example, your website only introduces your company and products, and does not directly complete transactions on the Internet. This kind of website is to establish your company's brand, promote the company's products, and promote offline transactions. Because now a lot of customers have a habit that they want to buy something. If they don't know much about it, they should search the Internet first, choose a good product, and then go online to buy it. So customers visit your company's website, your business marketing is to find a better way to introduce your company's brand and products, how to do the layout of the website? What color do you want to choose for the style of the website? How can the content of the website be vivid and vivid? There is also a lot of knowledge in it. Ha ha, learn slowly?

Like some people do not know how to do network marketing, of course, can only repeat boring work every day, and no efficiency, they can not learn anything, wages are poor, the real network marketing God, that is rich and handsome! Come on!

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