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Monday, July 5, 2021

network marketing

network marketing

1. Enterprise blog marketing

The concept of Web2.0, represented by blog, has good interaction and communication, which is conducive to the participation and creativity of netizens. Enterprises can also conduct internal and external communication in the form of enterprise blog to enhance customer relationship and improve business activities.

In order to reduce the risk of enterprise blog, enterprise blog should formulate Publishing Rules and guidelines at the beginning of its establishment, including not disclosing confidential information, not publishing information that may harm the company's reputation, etc.

The network marketing value of enterprise blog is mainly reflected in several aspects: it can directly bring potential users, provide opportunities for users to obtain information through search engines, easily increase the number of links of enterprise websites, and blog is one of the ideal ways to establish the brand effect of authoritative websites. Enterprises can cooperate with sina, Sohu, Netease and other portals to open their own enterprise blogs on their portals, which is also one of the ideal ways to establish the brand effect of authoritative websites.

2. Free software marketing

The purpose of enterprise's network marketing is to promote their products, and an important way to promote products with low cost and high efficiency is to release a free software. Internet users are willing to download and use the free software, and they are also willing to spread and share the experience of using the free software, Then we can excavate the business value of these users through various methods, and realize the sales of enterprise charging software.

The best free software is Google. Google has a full range of free software. The famous free software includes Gmail, Google Earth, Google Pinyin, etc. in Gmail free software, only Google domain name can be used. If enterprise users want to use Gmail, they have to use Google Apps enterprise application suite. Similarly, Google Earth itself is free, but if you want to use high-definition printing or import data, you need to use the paid professional version.

If the enterprise does not have the charging software corresponding to the free software, it can still use the free software for marketing, such as the example of Google Pinyin input method. This software is free, and there is no charging version. However, Google Pinyin will be bundled with Google Toolbar, Google search, and the latest version of Google Earth will also be bundled with "Google software selection manager", In this way, through the popular free software to promote their core or paid products.

3. Network advertising marketing

Through Google AdWords and Baidu promotion and other products, enterprises can expand the sales volume of traditional software through network promotion. For example, users can search keywords of a certain industry problem, display relevant solutions and products of enterprises in search results, or do content related directional advertising in some well-known blogs or websites, To attract users interested in these contents to the relevant product pages of enterprises can also achieve low-cost network marketing. If the advertisement is optimized properly and the budget allocation is reasonable, the ROI (return on investment) will be very high.

4. Community promotion

In some well-known communities, some activities can be held to form online and offline interaction, regular online meetings or offline promotion meetings can be held, and blog writing can be encouraged. All these can promote the products of enterprises in communities and SNS.

On the Internet, large enterprises do not have much advantage over small and medium-sized enterprises, and often ignore the role of network marketing. Many enterprises do not even understand the promotion method of network marketing. Compared with traditional media, the advantage of network marketing is very obvious. Its low cost, wide audience, high communication efficiency and privacy are the advantages of network marketing. If enterprises want to develop their own blue ocean, they must go through the road of low-cost marketing. In the new economic situation, who can grasp the pulse of network marketing, who can win the first chance.

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