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Sunday, July 11, 2021

The so-called network marketing. How to do it

The so-called network marketing. How to do it

1. Promote the brand of the project, and make it easier for more people to find the project or product or even contact information.

2. Enhance the visibility of the project and bring customers credit endorsement and more convenient way to contact and solve problems.

3. The marketing system that attracts and sticks to customers has been built, which helps enterprises realize the automation of network operation system.

First, platform construction; Second, network promotion; Third, the transformation of business opportunities.

First, let's talk about the construction of the platform; In short, it is the official website of the enterprise; For any enterprise, the official website is like a virtual company on the Internet. It is also a window for potential customers to find. It can be said to be a facade of the company, reflecting the image of the company.

The second stage of network marketing is: network promotion, which is the key topic of Xiaobian today. For many business owners, internet promotion belongs to "just need", but they have contacted many Internet companies and tried a lot of Internet promotion, but they don't seem to be very satisfied. How to do their own internet promotion is a more cost-effective way? Let's talk about the basic network promotion methods.

At present, the main promotion methods are as follows: bidding promotion, optimization promotion, information release and AI customer acquisition. In terms of the current search engine marketing market, there are mainly four main promotion methods.

Bidding promotion: Baidu bidding based, has a history of more than 10 years, I believe you are very clear, there is no need to say.

Optimization promotion: since the birth of search engine, this promotion method has been bred. It is a way to improve the natural ranking of enterprise websites in relevant search engines through technical means (content + external chain). Almost all network companies are doing this way; For network companies, the most important point is low cost and high profit; For business owners, if the words can be put on the home page, it will have a certain marketing effect. However, the time to optimize and promote the words online is relatively slow, the promotion words are relatively few, and the most important thing is that the ranking fluctuation is generally large. The key point of this way is to see how the personnel of the network company serve. According to my understanding, Most of the network company is after receiving money, may put the customer's advertising up to hand over, after not how to maintain, ranking naturally declined.

Information release: it is a kind of release type software, which releases some relevant information manually through the background. This promotion method is mainly to increase the accurate advertising coverage of enterprises. However, with the increase of Internet content and information, the competition is getting bigger and bigger. It is very difficult to release better advertisements to the right position now. At present, the national market is growing, This kind of promotion seems to have been gradually eliminated by the market.

AI customer promotion: it's a new way of promotion in the last two years. In short, it's artificial intelligence promotion. It doesn't need manual operation. Through intelligent keyword layout, it can improve advertising coverage and obtain accurate traffic, so as to achieve the goal of marketing customer.

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