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Friday, July 9, 2021

Try to draft a network marketing advertising plan for the enterprise!!!! Urgent!!! Urgent!!!!

Try to draft a network marketing advertising plan for the enterprise!!!! Urgent!!! Urgent!!!!

Set enterprise B as the production of microwave oven products enterprise, the enterprise has a long history, and the performance has been leading in the same industry. Recently, the company has set up its own website to market its products through the Internet. However, the company's website traffic is not high, and there is no

China Network Water Army marketing network provides

Main promotion methods

The first is through the keyword: because the enterprise promotion and publicity of the product keyword setting, can let Baidu Google more easily include your company's products and information. For its customers on the Internet through that keyword can understand and find your company. You can find your company directly through keywords.

Second: image promotion and video promotion, which are mainly used by customers to search your company from different angles. Because the value of pictures and videos lies in direct sensory recognition.

The third is the question and answer type promotion. This is mainly for example: in question and answer and post, we will answer which is good for online marketing. We will answer with the feeling of customer experience. We have cooperated with China online water army marketing network, which is very good, and other words beneficial to your company's brand and publicity. Choose the way that more customers may ask and understand.

Fourth: soft text promotion, through the soft text to promote your products, soft text is written from the perspective of customers, this will be persuasive. This is a disguised promotion. Most customers can't feel that they are advertising.

Fifth: blog promotion, the key to blog promotion, we can brush up the click through rate of blog articles and rank them on the blog home page, which can play the effect of publicity, or directly brush out the blog on the ranking list.

Sixth: news release of well-known portal websites. Release press releases on Tencent, Sohu, Sina, Netease, Tianya, CCTV and other well-known portal websites. In this way, the company's brand image can be improved. In the future, you can directly tell customers: Tencent News has reported US and recognized our company very much. This is very convincing

Seventh: Forum promotion is to send the written soft articles to well-known forums. We can make the posts quickly spread all over the major forums overnight.

Internet hype

1、 Find the right hype

Before hyping, we need to consider a point about this article. It is a point that can cause public thinking or public controversy, or a title that everyone is more interested in. Then start to write the full text and plan, this is the so-called title, because the attraction of the title is the key to successful speculation.

2、 Determine the platform for speculation

After confirming the hype point, what we should do is to write the hype article and publish the topic. With good hype points, there is no difficulty in writing hype articles around hype points. Then we will take the title to some forums to test the response of that title, and finally choose the title and article with high attention.

3、 We are ready to work

We need to register the ID we want to use in the forum where we post and reply. This is a key part, so we need two days to prepare. If each portal post an article 500, we need to prepare more than 500 IDS every day

4、 Start hyping

Within a week, several popular forums are selected to post and reply to each other every day to create a false impression, so that more people can participate in it and start posting in thousands of other forums, all of which are reproduced. To attract more attention. If the post is successful, the media will pay attention to it and start to report it. As soon as the media enters, I have to post in a wider range and strike while the iron is hot.

The topic becomes very hot, attracting other media or big websites to actively follow the event topic for tracking reports. Then we will succeed.

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