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Friday, July 23, 2021

What are the general contents of network marketing?

What are the general contents of network marketing?

1、 Overall strategic planning: market analysis, competition analysis, audience analysis, brand and product analysis, refining of unique sales ideas, formulation of creative strategies, overall operation step planning, investment and expectation setting.

2、 Build marketing websites and third-party e-commerce platforms:

(1) Marketing website: website planning, website structure, visual style, website columns, page layout, website function, keyword planning, website SEO, design and development( 2) Third party e-commerce platform: platform evaluation and selection, store decoration, information upload, management team, platform promotion and platform effect monitoring.

3、 Communication content planning: brand image copywriting planning, product sales concept planning, product sales copywriting planning, investment promotion copywriting planning, product reputation copywriting planning, news and information content planning, various advertising text planning and website promotion planning.

4、 Integrated communication and promotion: SEO ranking optimization, blog marketing, microblog marketing, wechat marketing, forum marketing, knowledge marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, news soft text marketing, video marketing, event marketing, public relations activities and other virus communication methods.

The core of SEO is Internet thinking

The first connotation of "SEO" is "Internet thinking +". The first step of traditional enterprises merging "Internet plus" is to understand the Internet, so understanding Internet thinking is the beginning of a foundation. What is Internet thinking? In the long-term development of Internet business model, many Internet enterprises have accumulated a large number of cases and data, which is enough for them to summarize a set of methodology suitable for their own development. This methodology can be regarded as Internet thinking. Internet thinking is summarized by Internet enterprises, which is more suitable for online business model, so it is not suitable for traditional enterprises to operate offline“ Internet plus requires traditional enterprises to understand Internet thinking first, then explore new business models combined with the actual situation. With what kind of people to learn SEO, decide what kind of person you become

5、 Data monitoring and operation: website ranking monitoring, communication data analysis, website visit quantity statistical analysis, visitor crowd analysis, consultation statistical analysis, web browsing depth statistical analysis, popular keyword access statistical analysis.

There are several new marketing strategies, including the following network marketing strategies:

1. Online discount promotion

Discount, also known as discount and discount, is the most commonly used way of promotion on the Internet. At present, Internet users' enthusiasm for online shopping is far lower than that of traditional shopping places such as shopping malls and supermarkets. Therefore, the price of online goods is generally lower than that of traditional sales, so as to attract people to buy. Because online sales of goods can not give people a comprehensive and intuitive impression, nor can they be tried or touched, coupled with the complexity of distribution costs and payment methods, the enthusiasm of online shopping and ordering has decreased. The larger discount can encourage consumers to try online shopping and make purchase decisions. At present, most goods sold online have different degrees of price discounts.

2. Online gift promotion

At present, gift promotion is not widely used on the Internet. Generally, when new products are launched for trial, products are updated, competitive brands are resisted and new markets are opened up, the use of gift promotion can achieve better promotion results. Advantages of gift promotion: it can enhance the popularity of the brand and website; Encourage people to visit websites frequently to get more preferential information; Be able to summarize and analyze the marketing effect and the reaction of the product itself according to the enthusiasm of consumers for additional products.

3. Online lottery promotion

Lottery promotion is one of the most widely used forms of promotion on the Internet. It is a promotion method that most websites are willing to adopt. Lottery promotion is to promote goods or services by means of one or several people obtaining prizes exceeding the cost of participating in the activity. Online lottery activities are mainly attached to investigation, product sales, expanding user base, celebration, promotion of a certain activity, etc. Consumers or visitors get lucky draw opportunities by filling out questionnaires, registering, purchasing products or participating in online activities.

4. Point promotion

The application of point promotion on the Internet is simpler and easier to operate than traditional marketing methods. Online integration activities can be easily realized through programming and database, and the results are highly reliable and relatively simple to operate. Points promotion generally sets prizes with high value. Consumers increase points by buying or participating in an activity for many times to obtain prizes. Point promotion can increase the number of Internet users visiting websites and participating in certain activities; It can increase the loyalty of Internet users to the website; It can improve the popularity of the activity, etc.

5. Search engine marketing: according to CNNIC's 2007 China search engine market survey report, 44.71% of Internet users often use (use) search engines, and 17.2% of users use search engines once a day, that is, 69.4% of users use search engines every day, which means that more than half of Internet users begin to rely on search engines. It mainly includes: login Baidu, Google, Yahoo, Sogou, Aiwen, China search and other search engines, Sina classified directory, Yahoo directory, Sohu classified directory and other directory websites, as well as search engine optimization and marketing services composed of keyword analysis, search engine ranking optimization and maintenance, search result page position bidding and other marketing forms.

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