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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

What are the means of network integrated marketing

What are the means of network integrated marketing

1. Building consumer database

The starting point of this method is to establish a database of consumers and potential consumers. The database should at least include personnel statistics, psychological statistics, consumer attitude information and past purchase records, etc. The biggest difference between integrated marketing communication and communication marketing communication is that integrated marketing communication focuses on consumers and potential consumers, because all manufacturers and marketing organizations, whether in sales or profits, ultimately rely on consumers' purchasing behavior.

2. Research consumers

This is the second important step. It is necessary to use the behavior information of consumers and potential consumers as the basis for market segmentation. I believe that consumer "behavior" information can more clearly show what consumers will do in the future than other information such as "attitude and intention" measurement results, Because it is more direct and effective to infer future behavior from past behavior. In the integrated marketing communication, consumers can be divided into three categories: loyal consumers to the brand; He is the loyal consumer of his brand and the indeterminate consumer. It is obvious that these three types of consumers have different "brand networks". To understand the brand networks of consumers, we must rely on consumer behavior information.

3. Contact management

The so-called contact management means that enterprises can communicate with consumers at a certain time, place or occasion. This is a very important topic in marketing in the 1990s. In the past, when consumers would take the initiative to find product information, it is more important to decide what to say than when to contact consumers. However, due to information overload and various media, the "noise" of interference in the current market is greatly increased. At present, the most important thing is to decide "how and when to contact with consumers" and how to contact with consumers.

4. Developing communication strategies

This means that under what kind of contact management, what kind of information should be spread, and then, to formulate a clear marketing goal for the integrated marketing communication plan, for most enterprises, the marketing goal must be very correct, and at the same time, it must be a digital goal in essence. For example, for a brand that is good at competition, the marketing goal may be the following three aspects: stimulating consumers to try the brand products; Consumers are encouraged to continue to use and increase the dosage after trial; Promote the loyalty of other brand to change the brand and build up the loyalty of the brand.

5. Innovation of marketing tools

Once the marketing goal is determined, the fifth step is to decide what marketing tools to use to achieve this goal. Obviously, if we regard products, prices and channels as the elements of communication with consumers, integrated marketing communication planners will have more and more marketing tools to complete the planning. The key lies in which tools, Which combination can best help the enterprise achieve the communication goal.

6. Combination of means of communication

Choose the means of communication that help to achieve marketing goals. The means of communication used here can be unlimited, except for advertising, direct selling, public relations and event marketing. In fact, product packaging, commodity display, store promotion and so on, as long as they can help to achieve the marketing and communication objectives, are powerful means of integrated marketing communication.

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