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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

What are the network marketing analysis?

What are the network marketing analysis?

Network marketing is an integral part of an enterprise's overall marketing strategy. It is a variety of activities to achieve the enterprise's overall business objectives and create an online business environment with the Internet as the basic means. " This is the definition of network marketing in eight plus eight network marketing companies, which is widely quoted by various network marketing textbooks and network marketing papers. Synonyms of network marketing include: online marketing, Internet marketing, online marketing, online marketing, etc. These words all have the same meaning. Generally speaking, network marketing is a marketing activity with Internet as the main means. Network marketing has strong practical characteristics. It is more practical to find the general methods and rules of network marketing than empty theoretical discussion. Therefore, how to define network marketing is not the most important. The key is to understand the real meaning and purpose of network marketing, that is, to fully understand the new marketing environment of Internet, and to use various Internet tools to provide effective support for enterprise marketing activities. This is also the reason why we must pay attention to the practical methods of network marketing in the research of network marketing.

Basic principles of network marketing

In the network marketing, the traditional marketing classics have been difficult to apply. Consumers are in the world, media is the emperor of traditional communication era, and you is the new king of network communication era! In the era of traditional media, information dissemination is "church style", information flows from top to bottom, one-way linear, consumers can only passively accept. In the era of network media, information dissemination is "market type", with multi-directional and interactive flow of information. The voice is diverse, noisy and different from each other. Internet media has brought a variety of "We Media" explosive growth, blog, forum, Im, SNS... With this, every grassroots consumer has its own "mouth" and "ear". In the face of these "uprising tails", traditional marketing methods like "hunting" should become "fishing": marketers need to learn how to use "creative fire" to simmer out attractive "bait", and brand information is skillfully wrapped as "fishhook". How can this change be accomplished? The 4I principle of network integrated marketing proposed by Liu Dongming, a network expert of Tsinghua president class, in the "weapon spectrum of network integrated marketing" points out the best guidance for everyone. 4I principles of network integrated marketing 4I principles of network integrated marketing: interest principle, interests principle, interaction principle, individuality principle.


With the development of Internet technology and the low cost of networking, the Internet is like a kind of "universal glue", which connects enterprises, groups, organizations and individuals across time and space, making the exchange of information between them "easy to get". The most important and essential thing in marketing is the information communication and exchange between organizations and individuals. If there is no information exchange, then the transaction is the source of no capital. Because of this, the Internet has some characteristics required by marketing, which makes network marketing present the following characteristics:

Temporal property

The ultimate goal of marketing is to occupy market share. Because the Internet can exchange information beyond time and space constraints, it makes it possible for marketing to trade without time and space constraints. Enterprises have more time and more space to carry out marketing. They can provide global marketing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anytime and anywhere.

Rich media

The Internet is designed to transmit information of various media, such as text, sound, image and so on, so that the information exchange for the transaction can exist and exchange in various forms, which can give full play to the creativity and initiative of marketing personnel.


The Internet displays commodity images, and the commodity information database provides relevant queries to realize the interaction and two-way communication between supply and demand. It can also conduct product testing and consumer satisfaction surveys. The Internet provides the best tools for joint product design, commodity information release and various technical services.


Promotion on the Internet is one-to-one, rational, consumer led, non compulsive, step-by-step, and it is a kind of low-cost and humanized promotion, which avoids the interference of strong promotion by salesmen, and establishes a long-term good relationship with consumers through information provision and interactive conversation.


The number of Internet users is growing rapidly all over the world. Most of them are young, middle-class and have high education level. Because these groups have strong purchasing power and strong market influence, they are a market channel with great development potential.


Marketing on the Internet can be achieved from commodity information to collection and after-sales service, so it is also a whole marketing channel. On the other hand, Yu Jun network recommends that enterprises can make unified planning, implementation and coordination of different marketing activities through the Internet, and convey information to consumers through simultaneous interpreting messages, so as to avoid the negative effects of inconsistency in different communication.


Internet is one of the most powerful marketing tools. It has many functions, such as channel, promotion, electronic transaction, interactive customer service, and market information analysis and supply. Its one-to-one marketing ability is in line with the future trend of customized marketing and direct marketing.

High efficiency

The computer can store a large amount of information and inquire on behalf of consumers. The quantity and accuracy of information that can be transmitted far exceeds other media. It can update products or adjust prices in time according to market demand, so it can timely and effectively understand and meet the needs of customers.


Information exchange through the Internet can replace the previous physical exchange. On the one hand, it can reduce the cost of printing and mailing, sell without stores, free of rent, save water, electricity and labor costs, and on the other hand, it can reduce the loss caused by circuitous multiple exchanges.


It has distinct theoretical characteristics

Global market

Integration of resources

Obvious economy

Advantages of network marketing

First of all, network media has the characteristics of wide communication range, fast speed, no time and geographical restrictions, no time and layout constraints, detailed content, multimedia transmission, vivid image, two-way communication, rapid feedback and so on, which is conducive to improving the efficiency of enterprise marketing information communication, enhancing the effect of enterprise marketing information communication, and reducing the cost of enterprise marketing information communication. Secondly, network marketing has no store rent cost. And the realization of product direct sales can help enterprises reduce inventory pressure and operating costs. Third, the Internet covers the global market, through which enterprises can easily and quickly enter any country's market. In particular, the second WTO Ministerial Conference decided not to levy tariffs on Internet trade before the next ministerial conference. Internet marketing has set up a green channel for enterprises to access the international market.

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