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Monday, July 5, 2021

What are the theories of traditional network marketing and modern network marketing

What are the theories of traditional network marketing and modern network marketing

Respectively list the traditional network marketing and modern network marketing theory who put forward what theory

Traditional marketing:

1. Terminal advertising. Wide spread, rapid market start, easy to get customer recognition, but the investment cost is high, the collection is slow, and the operation risk is large.

This mode is the most widely used, the longest time and the most well-known marketing mode in the current health industry. It has formed a variety of forms and contents of advertising. According to the different media of advertising, there are three main branches: the soft text mode of newspaper media, the radio lecture mode of radio station, and the feature film mode of TV station.

2. Direct selling. It's easy to understand how to open a store for external sales.

3. Conference marketing. Facing the consumers directly, changing the life of consumers through product marketing and family marketing, and making use of the fish swarm effect of the meeting to produce explosive sales, the charm of this mode remains the same. However, the concentration of target customers, the intense flow of talents and the decrease of customer loyalty lead to the rising marketing cost.

Modern marketing:

1. Experience marketing. The experience marketing mode is to set up large experience stores beside the community and give customers free experience products every day. After one to several months of experience, they begin to sell products to customers in the form of promotion according to their strong needs. The price of customer experience products is relatively expensive, and the one-time sales are often more than one million yuan. Experience marketing mode is mainly to let customers fully contact with products, and will not produce more purchase impulse like conference marketing. The return rate of products is very low. Although the price is expensive, the recognition rate of consumers is still very high.

2. Database marketing. The concept of database marketing has been very mature in foreign countries, in fact, conference marketing also contains a lot of the essence of database marketing. But it's really health care industry that makes database marketing bigger. This mode puts a large number of advertisements in the print media to attract members in the way of "one yuan membership", and then attracts customers to buy repeatedly at extremely favorable prices through a powerful call center combined with regular mailing of conference journals.

3. Network marketing. The essence of network marketing is the operation of business information. The so-called business information can be divided into three elements: commodity information, transaction information and feeling information. Any kind of business exchange actually contains these three kinds of information, and the Internet-based marketing method is to formulate different information operation strategies according to the different stages of enterprise operation, and mainly through the network method to realize the marketing design and operation.

On the basis of tradition, modern has strengthened the construction and maintenance of brand, attached importance to the relationship between sellers, learned to understand win-win situation, and created a new situation of network marketing.

The similarities are that they are all effective behaviors to integrate the existing resources to realize the use value of enterprise products and ultimately realize the enterprise value, which connect the social needs and enterprise response, and promote social development.

Internet marketing, first of all, is the Internet of marketing, which replaces the intermediary media such as newspapers, e-mail, telephone and television. Its essence is to use Internet to provide tracking services for the pre-sale, in sale and after-sale links of products. It runs through the whole process of enterprise operation from beginning to end, including finding new customers and serving old customers. It is based on modern marketing theory, Using Internet technology and functions to meet the needs of customers to the maximum extent and to achieve the goal of market development and increasing profits. It is the latest form of direct marketing, which consists of intern customer, market research, customer analysis, product development, sales strategy, feedback information and other links

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