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Thursday, July 22, 2021

What are the ways of network marketing in home appliance industry

What are the ways of network marketing in home appliance industry

Now the competition in various industries is fierce. I want to know what new ways to promote home appliances on the Internet.

It's normal to be confused. It shows that you don't quite understand marketing. Here's a rough introduction. Marketing network overview global competition has given birth to the formation of the concept of "marketing network". Marketing network is a kind of development strategy that companies seek "strategic partners" or "allies" at home and abroad, and combine with them to obtain a broader and more effective regional market. The establishment of marketing network makes it possible for a company to launch the same new product in the markets all over the world at the same time. Therefore, it also reduces the risk that the imitators will take away the market due to the delay of entering the markets of other countries and regions due to various restrictions. As early as 1975, Japanese enterprises began to look for trading partners and establish marketing networks around the world. Japanese enterprises have always taken the domestic as the production base, developed products to meet the needs of various countries according to the characteristics of each country, developed export trade, and made huge profits. At the same time, it was also dissatisfied and resisted by the United States and some other countries. In addition, the appreciation of the Japanese yen led to the shrinkage of exports, which forced Japanese enterprises to go abroad and invest in factories and establish marketing networks around the world. In recent years, Japanese enterprises export capital to foreign countries at the rate of tens of billions of dollars every year and establish their own marketing network. It is a new trend of enterprise marketing development in the 1990s to go abroad to find trading partners and take the road of internationalization and collectivization. The function of marketing network has the following functions: first, the function of commodity circulation. If workers want to sell what they produce, they must set up points (shops). The sales points are large and wide, fine and crisscross, forming a network. Only in this way can we achieve enough market share and improve the market share. Therefore, the commodity circulation function of marketing network is obvious. Enterprises pass their products through their own or agent's sales network, and finally complete the sales at the network terminal, forming a round-trip capital flow and logistics, which makes the enterprises constantly gain profits and vitality. Therefore, the marketing network is first of all a "channel", a "channel" to realize the continuous convection of capital flow and logistics, so as to enable enterprises to obtain the power of survival and development. 2、 With the development of market economy and the enhancement of marketing consciousness, the network has been given the important function of marketing promotion. In the strong advertising campaign at the same time, we should not forget to enhance the image and visibility of enterprises in the local. This is a big step forward compared with the traditional concept that the network is only a distribution channel. Some enterprises even build their own marketing network first, create markets, and then build factories. For example, when Guangdong TCL Group entered into the color TV market in 1992, it did not have its own color TV base at all. However, they advocated the concept of "planned marketing promotion", vigorously prepared to build a nationwide marketing network, and did not have factories to find people for processing. They relied on the strong marketing promotion and strong sales promotion of the network all over the country. Miraculously, they ranked among the top three of China's color TV industry in five years, It has become a model of "first market, second factory" in modern marketing. 3、 Information collection function the decision-making behavior of enterprises is not made out of thin air by feeling, but comes from the knowledge based on the collection, induction and analysis of a large amount of information. In addition to major decision-making behavior needs the participation of professional investigation companies, a large number of decisions still rely on the strength of enterprises to collect information. Because the terminal of Li network is closest to the market, the opinions of consumers, the attitude of dealers and even the actions of competitors are sensitive in the market. Enterprises must accurately grasp these information in order to make correct decisions and guide enterprises to take corresponding actions to win in the competition. Therefore, the smooth flow of information within the network is very important. Enterprises must strengthen the system management and comprehensive training, vigorously ensure the rapid and smooth flow of network information, and give full play to the potential of the network in this regard. 4、 Network compatibility network compatibility, that is, on the basis of realizing a product sales, enterprises can constantly adapt to the needs of enterprise development and new product expansion, quickly and effectively improve the sales force of other categories of products, so that they can quickly attack the market and increase market share. Of course, while the network is compatible, it should also pay attention to the previous image positioning of its products, try to weaken the negative impact on this positioning, and achieve the effect of mutual contrast between different products in the same network, so as to effectively save enterprise resources. At present, TCL group, which has the largest and most delicate marketing network among domestic home appliance enterprises, is preparing to launch its own DVD, cordless telephone and computer products on the basis of existing products such as color TV, VCD and home theater. If we can give full play to the advantages of network compatibility, then the rapid promotion of these products in the country is entirely possible. At present, they have begun to face up to this problem, put forward the strategic concept of "network airport" construction, strive to improve the network compatibility, and quickly enhance the market share of new products. 5、 The huge marketing network that absorbs talents is like a huge root. Wherever its tentacles extend, it will greatly establish the image of the enterprise in the local area and absorb local talents like water. This is the requirement of the "talent localization" management principle, and also the root of the network to take root in the local, continuous development and prosperity. This requires the person in charge of the regional network not only to go all out to sell products, but also to pay attention to the local internal management and image construction of the network units, improve the spiritual tension of the network, vigorously absorb high-quality talents, strengthen their loyalty to the enterprise, and improve the performance and level of the whole network operation. 6、 In the increasingly fierce market conditions, it has become the consensus of more and more domestic enterprises to provide warm, thoughtful, meticulous and fast services for consumers and customers. Some color TV manufacturers even take up the banner of "service marketing", and the construction of network in various places makes it possible for the rapid improvement of services in these aspects. The huge network can provide face-to-face smile and care for consumers, making consumers feel the power of the enterprise, and then produce incomparable trust. Of course, the expansion of the intermediate network should also be controlled to avoid the inefficient operation caused by blind expansion and extension. To sum up, the construction of marketing network of some enterprises has gone far beyond the concept of sales network. Its complex functions make the network units have to establish a long-term business vision, integrate into the local social and economic life, and constantly spread corporate culture and values while selling products. In this way, the construction of marketing network will eventually become the cornerstone and the most valuable life resource of the enterprise. Network marketing (on-line marketing or cybermarketing) is a form of direct marketing. It is the product of the combination of enterprise marketing practice, modern information communication technology and computer network technology. It refers to all kinds of marketing activities (including network research, Internet marketing and Internet Marketing) based on electronic information technology and computer network Network new product development, network promotion, network distribution, network service, etc. Generalized network marketing the synonyms of network marketing include: network marketing, Internet marketing, online marketing, network marketing, etc. These words all have the same meaning. Generally speaking, network marketing is a marketing activity with Internet as the main means. Network marketing has strong practical characteristics. It is more practical to find the general methods and rules of network marketing than empty theoretical discussion“ Tinlu, China's Internet marketing network, collects the latest, complete and perfect Internet marketing information. Therefore, how to define Internet marketing is not the most important. The key is to understand the real meaning and purpose of Internet marketing, that is, to fully understand the new marketing environment of Internet, and to use various Internet tools to provide effective support for enterprise marketing activities. This is also the reason why we must pay attention to the practical methods of network marketing in the research of network marketing. Narrow sense of network marketing narrow sense of network marketing refers to the organization or individual based on the open and convenient Internet, a series of business activities for products and services, so as to meet the needs of the whole process of the organization or individual. Network marketing is a new business marketing mode

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