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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

What is the difference between network marketing and pyramid selling?

What is the difference between network marketing and pyramid selling?

I tell you it's illegal, but it's not illegal. This industry is only supported by the state in secret. All this was done by people with poor quality 98 years ago. In other people's eyes, it's pyramid selling. But do you really understand this industry? As the saying goes, good layman, watch the fun, expert, watch the door. When China joins the WTO, this industry will come to the surface The state will also impose restrictions on its Legislative Council, and some people can not follow this industry

How to develop depends on your interpersonal relationship

I tell you, this is absolute MLM. Generally, they will charge you 2800 to 3200 yuan for your online payment. They also tell you that they earn 60% of the intermediate link fee. After you pay, they will let you cheat. Generally, two people can succeed. Ha ha, in fact, this is impossible, It's cheating. If you don't believe it, you'll understand everything when you reach level B. even if you reach level B, you won't make money, but they will tell you that all level B people eat hotels and stay in hotels. It's all cheating. As for whether it's legal or not, I'll tell you that you don't break the law at the beginning, but when you get to a high level, you'll break the law. You can think that level B is hard to see, Because they are afraid of being caught. Comrade, this is MLM. Whether you want to do it or not depends on yourself. I hope you will not fall into the trap of others

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