Tuesday, July 6, 2021

What is the overview of network marketing?

What is the overview of network marketing?

In the field of network marketing, the traditional marketing classics have been difficult to apply. Consumers are in the world, media is the emperor of traditional communication era, and you is the new king of network communication era! In the era of traditional media, information dissemination is "church style", information flows from top to bottom, one-way linear, consumers can only passively accept. In the era of network media, information dissemination is "market type", with multi-directional and interactive flow of information. The voice is diverse, noisy and different from each other. Internet media has brought a variety of "We Media" explosive growth, blog, forum, Im, SNS... With this, every grassroots consumer has its own "mouth" and "ear". In the face of these "uprising tails", traditional marketing methods like "hunting" should become "fishing": marketers need to learn how to use "creative fire" to simmer out attractive "bait", and brand information is skillfully wrapped as "fishhook". How can this change be accomplished? The 4I principle of network integrated marketing proposed by Liu Dongming, a network expert of Tsinghua president class, in the "weapon spectrum of network integrated marketing" points out the best guidance for everyone< More network information and knowledge!

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